You will need
  • leafs of pressed algae
Buy a quality product. You can purchase Nori under order from Japan itself or in a specialized Japanese store. Almost every supermarket is ready to offer its services in this matter.
Decide on the choice. Nori differ in their appearance and their number in the packaging . There are several types of algae for sushi: green, blue and red (gold). In essence, these are the same nori, but with different spices. True, it’s more advisable to use green ones in salad , they are perfectly chopped, but for sushi better use red algae. There are usually 10, 50 or 100 pieces in the package.
There are nori, fried in sesame oil, with the addition of sea salt, they are also called "Sibuki". Their sheet is pressed differently, it is thinner. Sibuki is pretty crunchy nori, but wrap in them rice is quite problematic. They are absorbed by the principle of our chips, for example, with beer. There is always a large selection of manufacturers, as they say for every taste.
Prepare the nori for use. In principle, nothing special needs to be done, because the nori are already ready to wrap rice in them. However, some housewives recommend lubricating them with a small amount of water to soften, which we would not advise to do, as the crunch in the rolls will disappear. For a wonderful result in cooking, you need to cool the rice to room temperature, then it will adhere perfectly to the seaweed leaves and keep the crunch.