Do not try to find the miracle vaccine for herpes - it, unfortunately, does not exist yet. As there are no effective methods of treatment for this insidious disease. Herpes can only be muffled, “canned” for a while. Accept the fact that once your baby has manifested herpes , will stay with him for life. At least until immunologists and virologists finally find a tool to help deal with this disease.
In order to prevent the occurrence of the disease, follow the rules of personal hygiene when feeding , swimming and playing with the baby. Do not let your family and friends even get close to the baby during relapses of herpes (the vast majority adults ). If you notice symptoms herpes, talk with your baby only by washing your hands thoroughly and wearing a gauze bandage. It has been proven that infection can also occur by airborne droplets.
To prevent the onset of symptoms of infection with primary herpes, do not let the child overheat or supercool, give him vitamins (in the form of syrups and dragees, and in a “natural” form). Children from one year old can be given tincture of Eleutherococcus - 1 drop for each year of age as a general restorative.
If the baby is naughty for an unknown reason, carefully look for rashes on his face or body, and take the necessary measures after consulting with a specialist. If the child has already learned to speak and complains that his lips, eyes or perineum are itchy, also consult a doctor immediately.
Get acyclovir (tablets), Zovirax (the same acyclovir, but in the form of a cream) and other medicines as directed by the pediatrician. Carefully read the instructions, since drugs that help with herpes have a lot of side effects (nausea, diarrhea, headache, cramps, and even coma). Nevertheless, children under 2 years of age are shown their use: 2.5 tablets, divided into 5 doses throughout the day (acyclovir) or 0.5 tape cream ("Zovirax"), squeezed out of a tube (4 times a day ) These medicines should be given for 5 days.
Consult a specialist about herbal supplements, which, in combination with other drugs, can also be given to the baby little by little. However, it is especially useful during the manifestations of the herpes virus, aloe juice or Kalanchoe juice, which can be used to lubricate sponges or even give a little drink. Dosage: up to a year - 2.5 ml of juice, from 1 to 3 - 5 ml, from 3 to 6 - 10 ml, from 6 to 9 - 15 ml, from 9 to 12 - 15-30 ml, and from 12 - 30- 50 ml.
If the disease is severe, the child is suffocating and / or has a high fever, call an ambulance and request immediate hospitalization.