How to destroy coronavirus on clothes

10.04.2020 Medicine
How to destroy coronavirus on clothes

If hard surfaces are easily disinfected with an antiseptic or alcohol, then with a cloth it is problematic. The only solution in the home is washing.

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In what mode to wash to destroy the coronavirus

Scientists conducted experiments on the SARS virus, which is very similar in structure and behavior to COVID-19. To select the correct washing mode, they kept the strain at different temperatures for a certain time. It turned out that he did not lose his activity in water below 37 degrees, even when exposed for two hours. Subsequently, with an increase in temperature and residence time in water, the “infectious” effect of virions began to fall and, as a result, completely disappeared. So, when in the water from 56 to 75 degrees for 1.5 hours, the virus completely lost its viability. It turns out that even a half-hour wash at 60 ° C will destroy the coronavirus virions and make things safe.

Scientists note that the higher the temperature, the less time it takes to disinfect, but not less than half an hour. When exposed to temperatures above 75 degrees, the ability of the strain to consolidate in the human body is significantly reduced even when processed for a duration of 15 minutes.

In addition to temperature, surface-active substances (surfactants) are also needed. They are present in any modern powder. Scientists note that surfactants do not kill the coronavirus, but simply wash it off with dust particles.

Pay attention

They can survive the wash at a temperature of 60 ° C only things from natural fabrics - cotton, linen or with a small inclusion of synthetics. For everyone else, this mode is undesirable. So, the wool after such washing is sure to “sit down”. Delicate fabrics, including natural silk, can lose shape and shed. In this case, experts advise washing the clothes at the recommended mode for these materials, and then steam processing during ironing.

Epidemiologists urge not to think about the safety of things when it comes to health. It’s easier to change your wardrobe by removing delicate fabrics from it for the duration of the pandemic.

Violologists are advised to especially suspicious people after coming home to immediately put their clothes off in a bag and take it directly to the washing machine. Perhaps things are infected, and the package minimizes the risk of virions spreading throughout the room. If possible, wipe plastic and metal parts with alcohol or an antiseptic, because it is on them that the viral particles are trapped.

If one of the items is completely unsuitable for washing, just put them in a bag - after 2-3 weeks the coronavirus will surely die. You can do exactly the same with shoes - put them in bags and remove them only on the street.


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