Diseases of the ear are most often affected by young children due to the imperfection of the structure of their hearing system. Hearing trumpet in children up to 3 -4 years is short and wide, which contributes to the rapid penetration of fluid and microbes into the middle ear and, as a result, inflammation develops. Otitis media (ear inflammation) in a child is developing rapidly and with absence treatment causes serious complications , up to hearing loss . The following symptoms should alert you.
The child is worried when eating or completely refuses it. The thing is that with a sick ear, chewing movements cause severe pain, so do not force-feed the baby.
Watch the cold baby closely. If a child has recently suffered a respiratory illness, then he may have otitis media as a complication quite easily. A single entry of mucus from the nasopharynx into the ear canal is sufficient.
Watch the baby. Sometimes a child tugs at a sore ear, lays on the sore side, so the pain subsides a little. The pain in the ear causes a lot of discomfort to the child, so he can be capricious, cry.
Measure your child’s temperature. With otitis media, it is often increased, and can reach 39 degrees Celsius and above.
Click on the tragus of the child’s ear. When otitis media cries out and cries or is very worried. A tragus is an ear tubercle that opens the external auditory canal. This way you can determine which baby’s ear is sore.
Call a doctor even if you suspect an earache. Timely treatment will help to avoid complications.