The greatest difficulty in determining the brand is caused by rare, exotic cars. True, in Russia you will rarely meet them on the road. More questions with identification are caused by cars of American and Italian manufacturers whose models are not supplied to our market. Among the famous American brands in Russia is Dodge, whose emblem is the head of argali. Many people confuse this emblem with a bull, which is shown on the nameplate of the Lambordgini sports car. And although the latter is less common on the roads, remember - Italians don’t SUVs and pickups, unlike the American concern. In general, the theme of animals can often be found in the emblems of this or that another car. Peugeot considers a lion a symbol of its cars, Skoda a green bird.
If the emblem is a kind of intricate monogram or abstraction, be sure: this is a masterpiece of the Chinese automobile industry. And if there’s a whole series of numbers nearby instead of the name models, you are definitely not mistaken. The exception is the complete antipode to the Chinese machines - Maybach. s emblem represents a rounded triangle with two letters M in the center. The Chinese have long begun to use a similar nameplate on one of their brands. Of course, look at the car itself: Maybach is a luxury car whose design immediately attracts attention.
If there is no emblem on the car, try to determine the brand according to the peculiarities of the structure of the car body. Most car manufacturers stick to the lines of a particular design. In the same American cars, the body design is quite aggressive, with a powerful bumper, arches and a wide platform. Japanese cars have more rounded shapes, large headlights, original radiator grilles. French cars, for example, Renault, are distinguished by a certain pretentiousness of forms - a mismatch in the size of the trunk with a hood, swollen sides.