Choose small or medium sized mushrooms. "Overgrowths" are more likely to be old. In addition, young small mushrooms are much more attractive look on plates and also have a more dense "fleshy" consistency.
Inspect a few fruits before you intend to purchase them. Hats mushrooms should be white or pinkish, without dents, blackening. To the touch, a hat fresh velvety champignon, very tender . In addition, it has a characteristic matte shine that is absent in the reclining and already dried mushroom.
Look under the hat mushroom . It should be tightly connected to the leg with a white ring. Move this little ring and look at the mushroom plates. The darker they are, the older the mushroom. In very young mushrooms, the plates are creamy pink, but in very old fruits they no longer hold their shape and have an unpleasant black-brown “rotten” color.
Now smell the fungus. The aroma should be thin, fresh, mushroom. Do not buy champignons with a musty unpleasant odor - they will only ruin the dish.
Squeeze the fruit a little. Its body should be elastic, not soft and slimy.
When bringing champignons home, remember that they can be stored no more than 5-7 days after collection, only in the refrigerator, at a low plus temperature and in an aired container. Do not leave the mushrooms in a plastic bag, otherwise they will quickly blacken and lose their edibility.