How to fix headphones from iPhone: types of damage, necessary tools and expert advice

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How to fix headphones from iPhone: types of damage, necessary tools and expert advice

Currently, most smartphone users have headphones. They allow you to listen to music, audio books and other files from your phone anywhere. Therefore, the question of how to fix the headphones from an iPhone arises quite often among users.

Many people think that if a breakdown occurs, the only way out is to throw out the headset. However, this is not worth it, since most breakdowns can be repaired at home and with your own hands.

iPhone Headphones

Causes of Breakdown

To figure out how to fix the wire from the headphones or another part, you should find out what could be the reason. The method for solving the problem may depend on this. The reason for the repair can be:

  1. Damage to the plug. This situation happens when the base of the headphones was crushed by something or the wire simply frayed and the contacts lost their functions.
  2. Damage to the cord. Pets could cause this problem, or the headphones have been in use for a long time, and the wire just got damaged.
  3. Damage to the volume control. This situation is not frequent, but it also occurs among users.

There are, of course, obvious damages in which the question of whether the headphones can be repaired from an iPhone becomes negative. Such damage may include a broken wire or complete damage to the ear.

Determining the cause

To determine in which part the problem occurred, you can use the following methods:

  1. When you connect the headset to the phone, you need to move the wire in different places: at the plug, near the ears themselves, at the volume control. If the wire is damaged, then when you move it in the headphones, it will disappear, then sound will appear or crackle will be heard.
  2. If the control buttons do not affect the volume, you can carefully open the mechanism and see external defects. Usually they are immediately evident.
  3. The problem may also be in the plug. To determine, it is enough to move the plug connected to the phone in different directions. In this situation, the sound will also change.

Now we will look at ways to fix the headphones in each situation.

Damage to the wire near the plug

First it’s worth checking the area near the base. In most cases, the problem is due to damage in this place. The wire is very mobile near the plug, so it simply wears out over time and ceases to transmit signals to the ears.

break the headset plug

Before fixing headphones from the iPhone, you need to prepare all the necessary tools and parts:

  • Old headphones, or rather the working plug from them.
  • Soldering iron. Without it, it will not be possible to rectify the situation, since the difficulty lies precisely in the wires.
  • Stationery knife.
  • Insulation tape.

Now you can proceed the process itself:

1. First you need to remove the plug from the headphone, because it is unsuitable.

2. From the old headset, you also need to cut off the plug and open it. This is done with a clerical knife. It is necessary to cut the shell and remove the base. You can see several wires of different colors that are responsible for the right earphone, left and overall connection.

3. On a piece of paper, write down the location of these wires in order to subsequently solder them correctly.

4. On another headset, you need to free some wire length from isolation with a clerical knife.

headphone wires

5. To fix it properly, it is best to burn the ends of the wires with fire.

6. Now you need to solder the ends to the old plug. It is necessary to follow according to the drawn diagram in order to correlate the details correctly.

7. You can check the headphones by connecting them to your smartphone and turning on the music. If all is well, then move on.

8. Next, you need to protect the place of adhesion with insulation tape.

This is the end of the operation. Such a scheme is also suitable for deciding how to fix the right earphone from the iPhone and the left one.

Wire defects

Very often it happens that any part of the wire breaks, and because This earphones start to work badly. This is checked quite simply: when the music or audio file is turned on, you need to feel the wire along its entire length. If, touching a certain area, you hear that the sound begins to disappear or change, you need to mark this place in order to perform actions on it later.

Now we’ll figure out how to fix the wire from the iPhone’s headphones:

1. The first step is to buy a new wire, which will replace the old one.

2. For older headphones, remove the cable. To do this, use a clerical knife to disassemble the ear of the headset. Inside you can see the wires soldered to the board.

ear cut

3. You should remember the location of the wires and solder the new cable in the same way.

4. The plug also needs to be disconnected and connected to a new cable. How to do this is described above.

Problems with the volume control

Headphone volume control

If the sound in the headphones disappears due to the buttons on the headset designed to switch the volume, then the solution is quite simple. You need to open the panel with a knife or other sharp object.

Lubricate the chips and contacts with graphite grease to bring them to work. After the operation, problems with the headset should not arise.


  1. All Apple devices including the headset, are firmly and qualitatively glued and going to. When disassembling the headphones, this gluing is broken, which means that you can just ruin the device. It is best to purchase special glue. You should also pay attention to the fact that all the parts are perfectly correlated, so picking them up will be problematic without damage. You must be extremely careful not to spoil the thing.
  2. Do not solder the contacts too carefully. Due to the prolonged heat exposure, the parts may be damaged and will never work again.
  3. From the very beginning, it is best to test your strengths on cheap headphones, which will not ruin you. All the actions that will be performed on the main headset should be carried out. If everything went well, then you can already fix the headphones from an iPhone or another expensive headset.
  4. If you don’t have confidence in your abilities or there are no skills in using a soldering iron, it is best to take the headphones to a master who can fix them in a quality manner.
  5. After attaching a new plug, you can fix it with a part that is similar to the one that used to be on the base. The cap from the handle, which can be glued with glue, is perfect.
  6. You may have a question about how to fix one earphone from an iPhone. In such a situation, you should not try to perform actions with one part. It is also necessary to replace the entire structure, since all the details are interconnected.


As you can see, the repair process is quite simple. You only need to have the initial skills of soldering, as well as accuracy and patience. If you try, then the question of how to fix the headphones from the iPhone will not cause any difficulties.



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