How to fix the toilet so that it does not stagger, on a wooden or concrete base

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How to fix the toilet so that it does not stagger, on a wooden or concrete base

A common problem with long-term use of the toilet is loosening. The defect is insignificant, but it needs to be solved quickly. This interferes with use and may result in more serious damage. Service companies know how to fix the toilet so that it does not stagger. Only for simple work do they request a substantial amount. You can fix the toilet to the floor yourself. You only need to understand the cause of the malfunction and follow the instructions.

Why is the structure loosening?

Before learning the instructions on how to fix the toilet so that it does not stagger, you need to understand what served. There are 6 reasons:

  1. If the toilet is located on a wooden base, it is possible that the screws are loose.
  2. There are times when cracks in the boards form in the place of attachment to the floor.
  3. When installing the concrete pavement, the technological sequence was not observed or the work was carried out with deviations from building standards. Subsequently, the plumbing equipment will have defects in fixation.
  4. Roughnesses in the floor will lead to similar problems.
  5. In old apartments, concrete was poured with a floorboard installed. Over time, its strength decreases, the floor starts to “play”, and the fixing bolts do not hold the toilet well.
  6. If the equipment was installed in an unscrupulous manner and the fasteners were of poor quality, then problems are guaranteed in the future.
    how to fix the toilet so that it does not stagger on concrete

How to fix the toilet so that it does not stagger without resorting to the services of specialists ? First, you need to determine the floor structure, and then follow the instructions below.

How to fix the toilet so that it doesn’t stagger on a wooden base?

When it doesn’t stagger a lot, just tighten the screws and the problem will be solved. If the fastenings are loosened significantly, do not try to tighten them. Otherwise, it will lead to cracks in the toilet casing and will have to be completely replaced. It is necessary to purchase durable high quality bolts so that the result from the work done is preserved for more than one year. The only option in the case of a wood surface is the displacement of the toilet. The whole process is carried out in 4 stages:

  • you need to make holes in the wooden floor;
  • unscrew the old fixture;
  • move the toilet to a new place and level the holes under the screws;
  • fasten the unit to the floor with screws.

If it is a concrete floor

How to fix the toilet so that it does not stagger on uneven concrete? In the case of this basis, it will be more difficult to eliminate the problem of a "dancing" toilet. First you need to completely dismantle it. This is done as follows:

  • the water supply hose is disconnected;
  • the drain barrel is removed;
  • the sewer pipe is disconnected;
  • unscrew fasteners.
    toilet on uneven concrete

Then work is done on the construction of a new base. The embedded board is removed and replaced with a new one. In order for the lumber to serve longer, you can use special compounds. They will protect the board from swelling in the event of liquid getting on it, as well as from rot and fungus. How to fix the toilet on cement so that it does not stagger? You can also simply concrete the area and wait until it dries. After completing all the work on preparing the floor, the installation is made:

  1. The toilet must be installed on a new base and marked with a marker for the attachment point.
  2. Using a hammer drill (in the case of a wooden board - a drill), drill holes at the marked points.
  3. Fasten the unit with bolts.
  4. Mount the barrel.
  5. Reconnect the sewer and water hoses.

How to fix the toilet so that it does not stagger on a tile?

The tile base is even less reliable. And since this is the most common material for flooring in bathrooms, problems with a loose toilet are not uncommon. The most radical decision will be to replace the old tile with a new one. But since this process is expensive, you can try to use special linings that have different thicknesses.

how to fix the toilet on uneven concrete

A simple way to fix the toilet so that it does not stagger on the tile is to seal the gap with silicone sealant. For work you will need:

  • the highest quality sealant - the result of the work done depends on this;
  • the sealant gun - it is convenient for them to squeeze the composition, and the layer will turn out even.
    how to fix the toilet

How the work is done:

  1. It is necessary to clean the floor surface from debris and dust, wipe the junction of the toilet bowl with the base with a cloth moistened with alcohol.
  2. Insert the gun into the tube with the sealant, slowly, walk along the contour of the plumbing fixture. Fill the gap between the floor and the toilet. If there is excess, have time to remove them with a scraper or a piece of cardboard, until the composition is dry.
  3. Do not use the toilet for 4 hours. During this time, the sealant will seize and form a strong layer that will not allow the equipment to stagger.


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