How to fry pollock with onions in a pan: delicious recipes

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How to fry pollock with onions in a pan: delicious recipes

Many young hostesses think about how to fry pollock with onions in a pan when you need to cook tasty and satisfying budget fish. As it usually happens, at the right time there is no suitable recipe. But now you will always be prepared. Here are some tasty and inexpensive ways to fry pollock in a pan with onions.

Pollock with onions

how to fry pollock with onions in a pan

A simple solution for family lunch or dinner with your family. Take a look at the list of ingredients:

  • one large copy of pollock;
  • two medium heads of onions;
  • 3-5 tablespoons of flour;
  • salt - to taste;
  • seasonings for fish - 1-2 teaspoons;
  • flour - 5-6 tablespoons;
  • vegetable oil without aroma - how much is needed, but about 5-7 tablespoons.

Preparation of fish

The carcass of the fish must not be cleaned of everything edobnogo. Remove the head, fins, entrails. Rinse pollock in running water inside and out. Slice it in portions. Now salt the fish pieces and rub them with spices.

Fry fish

Before frying the pollock with onions, we heat the pan, add butter. For this procedure, we need a good frying pan with a thick bottom. We heat it on the stove, after pouring all the vegetable oil specified in the recipe.

Pour the sifted flour into a deep and wide dish. The fat was just hot. It's time to lay out pieces of fish. Roll each portion slice in flour. Quickly transfer to a frying pan, place the slice down. Thus, all slices fall into boiling vegetable oil. We make a medium fire so that the oil is not sprayed and the fish is cooked evenly.

How much to fry pollock in a pan

There is no single answer to this question. However, there are conditions on which the exact time of frying fish breaded in flour depends. In order for fish portions to be fried inside and not burned outside, you need to pay attention to the size of the fish. Of course, if it is quite large, it takes longer to fry. If pollock is medium or small - time is slightly reduced. In our version, we will fry for five minutes on the one hand. After pollock is covered on this side with a crispy crust, turn it over and continue cooking for two to three minutes.

Fried pollock with onions in a pan: recipe

While the fish reaches the desired state, we will spend time cooking onions. It must be cleaned and chopped. You can turn it into rings or half rings, but maybe you will like diced onions. Shred the larger onions, this will give it juiciness in the finished dish.

We take out the pollock in a separate bowl. You can spread paper towels to get rid of excess oil. Put the onion in the pan where the fish was cooked, fry it until golden. Two minutes before the vegetable is ready, add the pieces of pollock, slightly mixing them with fried onions.

A little tip: you can roll each fish piece in a thick mayonnaise in a flour before breading, you get a rather interesting taste.

In sauce

Now we know how to fry pollock with onions in a pan in the simplest and most affordable way. But what if you or your family wants something more delicate in taste and consistency? If you want to diversify the taste, nothing is impossible. Tips for cooking pollock with onions in a saucepan in a pan are useful.

Product List:

  1. Medium or small pollock - 2-3 pieces.
  2. Two large onions.
  3. Two large root vegetables of carrots.
  4. One glass of flour - for breading fish.
  5. Vegetable oil - 100-130 milliliters.
  6. Salt - to taste.
  7. Other spices - optional.

We will prepare the pollock as described above in the previous recipe. Salt it, season with spices.

Wash the carrots and peel them. Free the onion from the husk and other unnecessary parts. Pour the flour into a dish in advance, where it will be convenient to pan the pieces of fish.

We do not chop the onion with quarters or medium cubes. Grate carrots on a coarse grater. We will need vegetables right away, as soon as we fry the fish.

Now we pour the oil in a frying pan and, having breaded each slice of pollock in flour, put it in a pan with boiling fat. Fry over medium heat on each side for five to seven minutes, depending on the size and degree of frying you need. We take out the finished pieces on a separate dish. As in the first case, you can pre-cover the bottom with absorbent paper towels for the kitchen.

how much to fry pollock in a pan

The pan is free - the most time for making fish sauce. Fry onions and carrots. When the carrot becomes soft and the onion is golden, add half a glass of hot water to the vegetable duet. Do this very carefully so as not to burn yourself with spray. We spread the fried fish here, we simmer for half a minute under the lid. Turn off the stove.

We serve the fish as follows: fried pollock is laid out on a portion plate, lay the vegetable mixture on top of the fish. Everyone can independently vary its amount.

These simple recipes are always useful to any housewife. Now is the time to run into the kitchen to test the recipes.



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