You will need
  • - a bottle of champagne,
  • - various ribbons,
  • - fabrics,
  • - paints,
  • - rhinestones.
Take bottle champagne , measure volume by its widest part (add to this measure 2-3 centimeters to the free fit of the bag) and the height of the bottle from the bottom to the cork. Prepare a piece of beautiful fabric and cut a rectangle with sides equal to the measurements (do not forget about the seam allowances: on each side you need add 1 cm more). Measure the diameter of the bottom of the bottle, add 1 centimeter to the allowance, draw a circle on the fabric with a diameter equal to the measure. Sew the pouch. Put a bottle in it and tie it with ribbon. The bag can be additionally decorated with lace, festoons, embroidery, rhinestones, and the exposition itself - artificial, dry or alive colors .
Take acrylic primer and acrylic paint. Remove the labels from the bottle, cover it with soil, and after it dries, paint. On the base obtained, you can glue the motifs cut out of napkins with PVA glue or with special decoupage glue. Top the bottle with varnish, decorate with rhinestones and contour. The necessary decoupage tools can be found in the art store.
Take a bottle of champagne and a piece of fabric. Imagine an apron and draw on the fabric as you see it. Cut, process the seams if the fabric crumbles. Sew the straps, put the apron on the bottle and tie. The apron can be decorated with simple embroidery, fabric painting, bows made of thin satin ribbons.
You can also decorate a bottle with a wreath of flowers, herbs, tinsel, cones, branches. Satin ribbons, such as organza, chiffon, tulle, can also be woven into a wreath. The fabric can be cut into rectangular pieces and woven as bows.
You can decorate champagne with rhinestones. They need to be taken with an adhesive base. Under the influence of high temperatures, the glue melts and the rhinestone adheres to the bottle. With this method, you can make various patterns and inscriptions on the bottle. Let your imagination run wild and everything will work out.