You will need
  • - vodka or alcohol
  • - vinegar and salt
  • - liquid for washing dishes
  • - laundry or baby soap
Soak clothes in water. Pour warm water into a small basin and place the item there for a while. Try soaking without powders and soap solutions - if after this stains are difficult to remove, soak clothes again, but with detergent. The method is suitable for plain light fabrics. Wash the item again and rinse it well.
Remove stains with alcohol. The deodorant leaves white spots on black clothes - they are best removed immediately. Moisten traces of vodka or alcohol, leave for a few minutes - for fresh spots, a two-minute exposure is enough, leave old stains for about an hour. Wash clothes and rinse well to get rid of traces of alcohol.
Use vinegar and salt to remove stains on colored clothing. With vinegar, moisten the armpit area and leave it for 8-9 hours (depending on the resistance to contamination). Rub salt in a damp cloth for several minutes and also leave for a while. Treat contaminated areas with soap and water, you can use a brush with soft bristles. Wash clothes well and rinse several times.
Use dishwashing liquid. The method is not suitable for use on delicate and thin fabrics, so use it only if you want to get rid of deodorant stains on strong fabrics. Put a little dishwashing liquid on the stains, lightly rub the dirt and rinse in cold water.
Get rid of stains with soap. To remove stains on clothes suitable household or baby soap. Moisten a cloth slightly, rub the contaminated areas with a piece of soap, leave for a few minutes. Then rub the stains again and wash the clothes.
Use stain removers. Use stain removers according to the instructions. Universal compounds are suitable for any type of fabric, but start processing clothes better on the wrong side.