Hygiene. Owners of this problem need to wash their feet daily using antiseptic agents (special soaps). Once a week, remove the keratinized layer of skin from the feet, using pumice. After this procedure, rinse the pumice well and dry it to prevent the fungus from multiplying.
Shoes. Wash as often as possible shoes using a brush. Do not forget to dry and ventilate it daily. When buying shoes pay attention to the material, from which it is made. Prefer genuine leather with good breathability. Also purchase special insoles for shoes , which impregnated with a special tool. Be sure to wear changeable shoes at work.
Prevention. Wipe your shoes 1-2 times a week with a swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide. After that, be sure to dry your shoes. Use special disinfecting dryers and deodorants for shoes. Walk barefoot as often as possible - your legs should rest.
In the evening, after work, make a special foot bath with the addition of oak bark. When washing your feet daily, add a few drops of eucalyptus and sage to the water. Change your socks daily and purchase them only from natural cotton, without adding synthetics.
The pharmacies have a huge selection of various ointments and creams to help solve this problem. Carefully read the instructions before use, as in some cases allergic reactions are possible.