You will need
  • - medicine;
  • - syringe;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - alcohol.
When it comes to subcutaneous or intramuscular administration of the drug, a layman can also cope with this. But from independent intravenous injections to small children better to abstain. A person who does not have experience in medical manipulations can easily pierce a vein through, causing pain and harm to the child. For such procedures, it is better to visit a doctor or call a nurse at home.
Prepare the necessary materials. In addition to medicine, get a syringe. It is better to choose a product with the thinnest needle - so the injection will be less painful. You will also need cotton wool or cotton pads, alcohol for disinfection and medical gloves. When administering medicine from an ampoule, stock up with a razor. It will come in handy if you cannot break the tip off the glass packaging. It will be good if you manage to quench one of the relatives help you.
Wash your hands thoroughly and wear medical gloves. Then draw the right amount of medicine into the syringe. At the same time, if you stuck a rubber stopper with a needle, it is better to change it. After filling the syringe, shake it and squeeze out part of the medicine. This is to prevent air bubbles from entering the liquid.
Call an assistant who should commit child in the desired position. For intramuscular injections, this is lying on the stomach . Choose an injection site and wipe it with cotton wool and alcohol. An injection in the buttock should be done in the upper outer lobe. In this place, nerves and blood vessels that are especially dangerous to hurt do not lie. Gently insert the needle at right angles to the buttock. If the child is of a conscious age, try to distract him, for example, by watching a cartoon.
After inserting the syringe, slightly extend the syringe plunger. if at the same time blood begins to flow into the medicine, then you have entered the artery, and the injection site should be changed. If there is no blood, enter the medicine. Do it smoothly, while the child does not have to make sudden movements thanks to your assistant. After administering the desired dose, remove the needle and treat the wound with alcohol. You can put cotton on it if you are afraid of bleeding. After the injection, calm the child if he cries.