You will need
  • baby spoon, mixture for feeding.
Before using the Sub Simplex, you need to consult a pediatrician. An incorrectly selected dose of the drug can aggravate the problem associated with the baby’s stomach, or cause side effects.
So, if the pediatrician approved your choice to use" Sub Simplex " against colic , make sure that the child is really worried about stomach pain. Perhaps his crying and whims are associated with a wet diaper, he is hot or cold, or he just requires your attention.
If your child is on breast feeding , then a few minutes before the next feeding of the crumbs, sieve a small amount gru bottom of milk and add 10-15 drops of the Sub Simplex drug to it. Using a baby spoon or special syringe, give your baby milk with the medicine diluted in it. After that, continue breastfeeding.
If the baby is on artificial feeding, then the same amount of “Sub Simplex” can be added to the fresh mixture prepared for feeding and feed her baby.
"Sub Simplex" can be given to the child in undiluted form. The effectiveness of the drug in this case becomes higher. However, many children are reluctant to swallow it in this form, because its taste is not familiar to them.
For preventive purposes, you can give your baby 5-7 drops of medicine before some feedings, for example, in the morning and evening.