You will need
  • - formalin solution;
  • - solution of chlohexidine bigluconate;
  • - acetic acid;
  • - cotton swab.
In order to protect yourself, you need to follow basic hygiene rules. You need to use only your personal with shoes , not dress a stranger and not give others his own. Shoes should be comfortable and of high quality, they should not create a “greenhouse effect” to the feet - these are ideal conditions for infection with onychomycosis. You should not go barefoot, especially in places general use. You should have your own personal hygiene products for nails (scissors, nail files, towels, etc.).
However, even the most active hygiene measures cannot protect against fungus. There are many modern methods and drugs to combat fungus, but we should not forget about preventive measures. One of the bottom is the processing of shoes from fungus.
What is the best way to sanitize shoes for fungal diseases of the feet and nails? For these purposes, apply: - 20-40 percent formalin solution; - 1% solution of chlohexidine bigluconate; - 40% solution of acetic acid.
One of these creates moistened foam or cotton swab, wipe their shoes inside, including insoles, the swab is placed in the shoe socks, shoes are packed tightly in a plastic bag and leave for a day in a warm place. Then the shoes are unpacked and aired. I must say, the airing process takes a decent time. It is advisable to do the procedure several times during the treatment.
Effectively, and most importantly, without smells, a special device for processing and drying shoes "Timson", sold in pharmacies, helps to process shoes from fungus. Special devices that repeat the shape of the front of the shoe are inserted into each toe and turned on for 8-12 hours. The device not only dries shoes at a temperature of about 70 ° C, but also processes it with UV rays using built-in lamps.
Shoes from processing with this device do not deteriorate and are well preserved, unlike processing with the active solutions listed above. With this processing method, 99-100 percent of the fungi die. This method also effectively combats bad odor.