How to imitate the texture of metal on various products?

02.09.2019 DIY, House
How to imitate the texture of metal on various products?

If you like to make furniture, toys, jewelry, accessories or other products with your own hands, sooner or later you will want to recreate the texture of the metal. At first glance, the task may seem impossible, but it’s not.

Painting technology

Most products can be painted with special paints. To make the surface look more believable, you need to use two or more shades. The principle of painting is as follows: the recesses should be made dark, and the protrusions should be lighter. Thus, it is possible to easily simulate the texture of the metal with a slight patina coating. This technology makes crafts expressive, gives them depth, and also masks minor imperfections.

Imitation of a metal surface: method number 1

The surface of the product must be degreased with alcohol, acetone or another solvent. Then apply dark acrylic paint. Be careful, the product should be painted carefully, not missing a millimeter. Pay special attention to the recesses. Allow the paint to dry and inspect the product; if there are any unpainted areas, fill in the gaps. Using a sponge with a hard, scratching surface, cover all protruding areas with metallic paint: it can be gold or silver, bronze, brass, copper.

Apply the paint with short, sharp movements, process the most protruding parts of the product more thoroughly. The recesses must remain dark. Then leave the product and wait for the paint to dry completely. Apply glossy or matte varnish if necessary.

Coloring the product

Imitation of a metal surface: method number 2

To recreate the texture of forged metal with your own hands, you can use ready-made paint of the appropriate shade. As a rule, forged metal has a black surface with shiny elements. The technique of applying paint in this case is different. First, a metallic dye must be applied to the product. It is advisable to use a paint with a hammer effect: it contains large particles that give the surface the desired texture.

Metal imitation

On top of the paint with the effect Metallic apply black acrylic paint. After the product dries, take a piece of sandpaper and use it to clean individual sections. Adjust the degree of stripping as you wish. The result is a beautiful and believable imitation of the texture of real forged metal.



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