How to improve erectile function: means and exercises, reviews

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
How to improve erectile function: means and exercises, reviews

For a man to have successful sexual intercourse is one of the most important life functions. However, under certain circumstances in life, this function is disrupted. According to experts, you should not panic about this, but you need to urgently begin treatment. Be sure to ask how to improve erectile function, and you will again be in great shape. Only on the man himself determines his future life and health. In this article, we will talk about how to improve erectile function using various means and exercises. Therefore, carefully read the information provided, and you will be armed one hundred percent. So, let's get started.

What is erectile dysfunction

With this phenomenon, many males of middle and old age are found. Erectile dysfunction is a long pathological process in which, during sexual intercourse, the blood does not flow in sufficient quantity to the genitals. This simply leads to the fact that the male genital organ does not become hard, which means that it is impossible to perform sexual intercourse. At the same time, male libido may be normal.

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If problems with erectile function occur only occasionally, then this is not indicates the presence of any pathologies. Perhaps a man has a psychological barrier. However, the constant weakening of this function is a problem that urgently needs to be addressed. According to doctors, with the question of how to improve erectile function, more and more young men begin to turn every year. And there are so many reasons for this.

The main causes of dysfunction

Consider the reasons for this problem. Only after understanding the reason, you can proceed to treatment. Otherwise, it will be pointless. So, what can lead to sexual dysfunction:

  1. The presence of hormonal diseases that can have a negative effect on testosterone production.
  2. Neurological diseases associated with the work of the brain and spinal cord.
  3. It is also worth considering the use of certain medications. There are medications that can reduce sexual desire, as well as affect erectile function.
  4. Another reason, which is also considered the most common, is the presence of excess weight and the wrong lifestyle. Abuse of harmful foods and drinks, as well as alcohol and smoking. All this will lead to problems in the sexual sphere.
  5. The reasons also include persistent stress and depressive disorders. An unbalanced emotional state very often leads to the phenomenon of impotence.

How to improve erectile function

In order to improve the situation in the genital area, a man should carefully look at his life and make the necessary changes to it. To do this, you need to start eating right, completely get rid of bad habits, perform physical exercises, walk in the fresh air, and also competently treat the alternation of work and rest. If you are interested in the question of how to improve erectile function at home, then first of all start a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to provide the body with the intake of all the necessary vitamins and minerals, and also start doing exercises that can increase your erection.

how to improve the erectile function

How to improve erectile function: exercises

If you encounter a problem like erection dysfunction, urgently seek help from a urologist. Together with him you can choose the most optimal method for solving this problem. Most often, doctors recommend that their patients perform special physical exercises that can have a positive effect on erectile function. So, let's look at some of the most effective exercises:

  1. Take a standing position. Now lift one leg as if you are about to take a very wide step, and freeze in this position for a few seconds. Then do the same for the other leg.
  2. Do deep squats using weighting materials. With this exercise, you will not only improve your erectile function, but also benefit the whole body.
  3. Find some low platform. For this exercise, the usual step is perfect. Step on it only half so that your socks are on the surface and the heels remain in the air. In this position, begin to raise and lower the heels.
  4. If you are interested in how to improve erectile function at home, start doing exercises that can perfectly work out the muscles of the pelvic floor. Such exercises can provide blood flow to your genitals, which means that intercourse will be performed with great success.
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Use of medical treatment

Of course, you can cope with dysfunction at home, but provided that the problem has not yet managed to go into a neglected form. However, sometimes medication simply can not be avoided. Therefore, if you have problems, be sure to contact a qualified urologist, and with him choose the most optimal treatment method that will be right for you.

Drug therapy

There are a large number of drugs that improve erectile function. Of course, the use of drugs is the most effective and fastest way to cope with a problem, but sometimes it can lead to undesirable effects. In order to choose the right medicine, you need to consider the cause of the pathology. So, if a patient suffers from a dysfunction associated with malfunctions in the hormonal system, hormones will be prescribed to the man.

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K Drug treatment should also include the use of biologically active additives, because they, although gradually, can still improve erectile function. Medicines are always prescribed by doctors depending on the individual needs of the body.

Emergency care

There are simply a huge number of different pills and ointments that can temporarily cope with dysfunction. These drugs include Viagra, Impaz, Konegru, Eromax, Nitromaz and many others. Please note that such drugs do not have a therapeutic effect. They only improve erectile function for a short period of time. For health, such medicines do not bring any benefits.

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Alternative methods of treatment

Many male representatives are wondering how to improve erectile function with alternative means , and is it even possible at all. In fact, this method of solving the problem is really very effective. The main objective of alternative treatment will be to increase the level of testosterone in the body, as well as the normalization of blood circulation in the pelvic organs. In order for home treatment to be truly effective, combine it with performing exercises, as well as with proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

So, we will consider what folk recipes help improve sexual activity:

  1. Take the seeds of onions or nettles and pour them with a portion of your favorite vegetable oil. Add this compound to your food daily.
  2. If you like tea, try adding ginger and cinnamon to it. These spices can not only improve potency, but also strengthen the immune system.
  3. Mix in a glass bowl two tablespoons of natural honey, three tablespoons of red wine, and add one tablespoon of freshly squeezed aloe juice. Take this product once or twice a day before meals. A single serving should be two tablespoons.
  4. Also pay attention to spices that can improve blood circulation, and add them to your favorite dishes while cooking. Particular attention in violation of sexual function should be given to turmeric.
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Nutrition Features

Proper nutrition is a real guarantee of health, as well as excellent sexual desire. There are a large number of products that improve erectile function. Regular use of them will help you maintain good sexual health for years to come. So, let’s take a look at what foods nutritionists recommend for men to improve their health:

  • It is very important to include marine products in your food - fish, shrimp, squid, mussels and oysters;
  • also add foods containing a large amount of vitamin C to your diet, here you can include citrus fruits, as well as currants and other sour fruits;
  • be sure to eat various varieties of nuts, honey and dates;
  • add spices such as cumin, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger;
  • indulge yourself with dark chocolate from time to time;
  • a very large number of essential minerals for men's health contain camping in the fruit of the avocado.


By the means of improving erectile function, is attributed also to massage. It is very important to find a highly qualified professional who can properly massage your groin area, including the testes. Thanks to this massage, areas where blood supply occurs are stimulated.

A general relaxing massage for the whole body will also have a good effect. It can be carried out by a partner before sexual intercourse. This will relax the man well and set him up for the desired sexual behavior.

Using aromatherapy

In fact, many essential oils are considered real aphrodisiacs, so using them will help relax the man, relieve stress, and increase sexual desire. However, it is very important to buy not cosmetic oils, but natural essential ones, since they contain the necessary amount of enzymes that, when heated, enter the body and have a positive effect on it. So, let’s consider what oils are recommended by sexologists to improve erectile function:

  • bergamot;
  • cedar;
  • nutmeg;
  • neroli;
  • ylang-ylang ;
  • anise and many others.

Only through experimentation can we figure out which oil is right for you.

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Many men are interested in how to improve erectile function in old age. Of course, over the years this is much harder to do, since the production of testosterone in the body is significantly reduced, and the man no longer has a desire to start offspring. However, if you begin to take comprehensive measures, then you can remain a sexual giant until old age.

In this article we talked about how you can increase a man's sexual function. The first thing you need to do is radically change your lifestyle. Over time, notice how health improves, you become stronger and happier. Against this background, your sexual abilities will return to normal. But if these measures are not enough, be sure to seek medical help. Perhaps you suffer from any pathology that can reduce the production of testosterone in the body, as well as affecting the cardiovascular system. In this case, serious medical treatment will be needed.

There are also drugs designed to urgently improve erectile function. They have a really very good effect, but you should not abuse their use.

Only you are responsible for your health, so you decide how you will live. If you want to maintain good erectile function until old age, lead a healthy lifestyle and get rid of bad habits. Be healthy and take care of yourself, and then your body will begin to take care of you



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