How to increase sperm count: methods, tips and treatment methods

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
How to increase sperm count: methods, tips and treatment methods

Almost every married couple at some point in life begins to think about procreation. The successful conception of a future life equally depends on both the man and the woman. And there are many factors that can prevent this. One of them is a small number of male germ cells. There are many popular methods for increasing the number of sperm of the active type. Sperm can be considered fertile if 1 ml contains at least 15 million male germ cells. This amount is enough for a successful conception. Situations where sperm count is lower are not uncommon. There can be many reasons for this. This is a regular overheating of the body, and maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle, poor ecology, frequent stressful situations.

Of course, in order to determine the number of sperm, it is necessary to pass tests. And if the result of the survey confirms that they are not enough for a successful conception, you will have to make certain adjustments to your life so that their number increases. Is it possible to increase sperm count? So, in the article we will talk about the rules that must be followed in order for the conception to be successful.

Do not overheat your body

One way to increase the number of sperm is to to keep your testicles cool. Their overheating significantly reduces the ability to produce sperm. The following recommendations should be followed to avoid overheating of the testicles:

  • Do not wear tight-fitting pants or jeans.
  • Wear loose family pants or boxers. Do not wear skin-tight swimming trunks.
  • You should not abuse hot baths or going to the sauna.
Is it possible to increase the number of spermatozoa

Stay fit

Being overweight also negatively affects sperm quality. The thing is that fat cells contribute to the production of a hormone such as estrogen. This is a female hormone that suppresses the male (testosterone), which is extremely necessary for the body to produce sperm. Therefore, you need to devote time to physical activity. Training should not be very difficult and debilitating, but going to the gym several times a week, jogging in the fresh air, swimming - all this will be very useful for the body. Besides the fact that physical activity promotes fat burning, sports stimulate an increase in testosterone levels.

Increase the number of active sperm cells

How to increase the number of morphologically normal spermatozoa? It is very important to avoid the use of anabolic steroids. Perhaps they can help improve athletic performance and give strength in training, but completely nullify the benefits of sports activity. Anabolic steroids are the destiny of professional athletes.

Diet and proper nutrition

Another piece of advice on increasing sperm count is to maintain proper nutrition. Cholesterol negatively affects not only the vessels, but also has a detrimental effect on the reproductive system. An excess of cholesterol reduces sperm activity. Therefore, it is better to avoid eating fatty foods. After all, it contains very large doses of cholesterol. So products such as sour cream, lard, cheese, fast food are best excluded from the diet. At least during the conception period.

But not only animal fats are dangerous to the body. Trans fats are also dangerous both for the reproductive system and for the body as a whole. They lower the concentration of sperm in the ejaculate. A large number of trans fats are present in the following products:

  • Sweets, cookies and other popular pastries.
  • Spreads and margarines.
  • French fries, popcorn, chips.
  • Semi-finished products.

Also for the period of conception, it is better to refuse drinks containing caffeine. Studies have shown that drinking coffee and sugary drinks, such as Coca-Cola, reduces sperm concentration.

A diet that provides vitamins, microminerals, and proteins in the body has a positive effect on the health of the reproductive system.

  • You need to add fruits and vegetables, meat and fish to the diet.
  • Products such as nuts, seeds, peanuts increase the concentration of sperm.


It is better to give preference to a complex preparation that contains I trace minerals and vitamins that are needed for normal functioning of the reproductive system. The vitamin composition should contain components such as:

  • L-carnitine. Helps to improve sperm concentration. This substance can be found both in the vitamin complex and separately.
  • Vitamin E. Strong antioxidant. Reduces the negative impact of the environment on sperm cells. Helps increase sperm count.
  • Vitamin B9. Promotes a decrease in sperm in the so-called abnormal sperm. Which in turn reduces the risk of having a baby with congenital diseases.
  • Mineral zinc. It takes part in the synthesis of testosterone. As already noted, this is a male hormone. The production of sperm in the body depends on it.
  • Selenium. It is an antioxidant. Selenium is necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system. Helps increase sperm concentration.

Stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol has an adverse effect on the functioning of the reproductive system. Drinking alcohol lowers the absorption of zinc. And this element is very important for normal spermatogenesis.

How to increase sperm count tips

Also, alcohol negatively affects the morphological structure of sperm cells. Therefore, drinking alcohol not only reduces the likelihood of conception, but can also affect the health of the unborn baby.

Forget about cigarettes

It has long been proven that sperm concentration in sperm of active smokers is much lower than in non-smoking men. In addition, the number of morphologically unhealthy cells is significantly higher among tobacco smoke lovers. Often you can hear angry remarks towards young smoking girls. But, nevertheless, a man who smokes cigarettes can also harm the health of the unborn child. So it's crucial to quit smoking as quickly as possible.

Be extremely careful with medications

Another treatment method (how to increase sperm count) is to cleanse your first-aid kit. The fact is that some medications can negatively affect sperm quality. These include antibiotics, glucocorticosteroids, some drugs for hypertension.

Testosterone hormones are also harmful to semen. And this is despite the fact that they are periodically prescribed by doctors to improve spermograms. But if they are taken for a long period, then the opposite effect may occur - pharmacological castration. This is due to the fact that if the body receives testosterone from external sources for a long period, it itself stops producing it. In addition, the hormone coming from outside, first of all, enters the bloodstream. And in the gonads and testicles, the concentration of testosterone decreases. Very often, men who take anabolic steroids for a long time in order to increase muscle mass are forced to undergo hormone therapy, because after stopping the use of these drugs, their body cannot independently produce hormones.

Do not be nervous

Stress has a negative effect on human health in general, which in turn can lead to reproductive problems. In a state of frequent stress, not only sperm concentration decreases, but also their motility.

It can also affect the production testosterone, and ultimately lead to a decrease in its amount. Also, stress provokes an active growth in the amount of free radicals in the body. They, in turn, negatively affect sperm cells, damage and destroy them. Of course, eliminating stress is completely impossible. But you can try to change the attitude towards the situation. You can also resort to various relaxation techniques, such as meditation, yoga.

Use of hormonal drugs

An insufficient concentration of sperm can occur due to hormonal imbalance in the body. In this case, you will need to undergo special therapy. With its help, you can adjust the balance of hormones and increase the concentration of sperm. To determine if a decrease in sperm count is associated with hormonal disruptions, you need to be tested and tested.

Use caution when contacting with chemicals

Contact with chemicals can have a negative impact on the concentration of sperm, but also on their activity. It is very difficult to completely shield yourself from chemicals. Several rules must be observed:

  • If the work involves regular contact with chemicals, it is imperative to follow safety rules, use protective clothing and gloves.
  • Buy cosmetics and detergents made from natural ingredients.
  • Refrain from using herbicides and pesticides in the garden area of ​​the house.

More rare ejaculation

The concentration of sperm with frequent ejaculation may decrease . With a low concentration of sperm, you can accumulate their number through more rare ejaculations.

To achieve the desired result, you will have to make a lot of effort. It will be necessary to change the way of life, perhaps to limit yourself in the usual things. Combining all of the above recommendations, you can achieve your goal. It will not be so simple, but the goal for which you have to go through such a difficult path is worth it. After all, the child and his future health are the most important and desired result.



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