How to insert a ball into a member: risks of the procedure, consequences and reviews of women

02.09.2019 Medicine, Men's health
How to insert a ball into a member: risks of the procedure, consequences and reviews of women

In this article, we’ll look at how to insert a ball into a penis.

Subcutaneous implants of this type are the most inexpensive and easy way to thicken the male penis. This procedure is pretty fast. For its implementation, the specialist only needs the patient’s desire.

Why insert the balls into the penis? Let’s find out later.

Who might need this?

Men who are dissatisfied with the size of their reproductive organ or who seek to satisfy their sexual partner as much as possible during intimacy, do this operation most often, help her achieve faster or brighter orgasm. Many men decide on this procedure because the woman she had had had a sexual partner with a larger penis or balls in her penis.

how to insert a ball into the member

How to insert a ball into the penis is interesting to many.

Method for enlarging the organ

Currently, installing such implants in the penis is considered a popular and safe way to thicken the organ. After the operation, men get the opportunity to better stimulate a partner in the process of sex. The procedure is absolutely harmless to the reproductive system and is also reversible, since the balls can be removed at any time. The removal procedure is even easier and faster than installation. A penis with inserted balls does not cause discomfort, implants have absolutely no effect on erectile function, the activity of the urinary system.

What are the balls made to enlarge the penis made of?

In expensive private clinics they use beads made from natural natural pearls. The diameter of each pearl is approximately 9-10 mm. In this case, the man himself chooses which balls to insert under the skin of the penis. But for faster healing of the surgical incision and for the member’s comfortable state, doctors recommend that men stitch medium-sized smooth balls in the penis.

penis in inserted balls

Some clinics offer balls made of medium-hard prosthetic materials. In addition, they produce implants made of glass, plastic, silicone. A man can choose the balls to his taste and according to his finances, or he can follow the recommendations of a medical specialist. The patient can also choose how many balls to place under the skin of the penis, what size they should be. The specialist, as a rule, does not interfere in the selection process. However, he can advise in which places of the male organ it is best to insert balls. The optimal areas are determined based on in which poses the patient prefers to have sexual intercourse, and it also takes into account which areas of the female genital organs should be stimulated. A man can choose up to 10 balls. Balls may be inserted into the lower and upper lateral sides of the reproductive organ. Depending on the location of the implants, the stimulation of the clitoral zone or the lateral, upper and lower integuments of the woman’s vagina is enhanced.

After the patient determines the size and number of balls, the doctor proceeds to an operative measure. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis, using local anesthesia. The duration of the procedure is no more than 15 minutes. Before installing under the skin of the penis, the implants are sterilized.

So, how to insert the ball into the penis.

Implantation process

The surgeon injects the patient with an anesthetic. When the penis loses its sensitivity, an incision is made, a stroke is made under the skin to the site of the future localization of the ball. The ball is inserted under the skin by pushing from the incision to a specific area of ​​the penis. The surgical wound should be no more than 5 mm. The incision is tightly sutured so that the ball remains in the required place and does not move under the skin. The incision is made across the length of the penis. Therefore, the scar that has healed after surgical manipulation is completely invisible in the folds of the reproductive organ. The wound is sutured with either a simple or self-absorbable thread. Most often, two sutures are applied.

After the operation, the patient is in the hospital or in a private clinic for half an hour and then they let him go home.

A week later

A week after surgery, a man needs to see a doctor who will remove the stitches and give recommendations for the recovery period. Also, the doctor must make sure that the patient is doing well, there are no complications. The recovery process, as a rule, is not long, but at this stage it is strictly forbidden to enter into intimate relations for 15 days after the procedure if balls are inserted in the member.

Installation at home

Some men run the risk of having these procedures at home. Such manipulation is safe only if it is carried out correctly. Implants for self-insertion under the skin of the penis can be purchased at the intimate goods store. A man takes a shower, thoroughly washes the genital area. After this, the penis, palms, scrotum, pubic area should be treated with a disinfectant solution to prevent infection from entering the wound. On the pen, the points of introduction of the balls are marked with a marker. However, it should be noted that the implants should not be in contact with each other, the distance between them should be at least 2 cm. Next, a syringe with a thin needle and a solution of novocaine are taken, and an injection is made in the chosen place. When the penis loses its sensitivity, an incision is made up to 8 mm. A stroke of approximately 5 mm is made from it to the selected area under the skin with a syringe. One tablet of the Streptocid preparation is taken, it is ground into powder and is pushed into this stroke with a syringe. The ball must also be inserted into this hole and pushed. The incision is treated with brilliant green, a sterile dressing is applied to the penis soaked in an antibiotic solution.

Now it’s clear how to insert a ball into a member. The risks of the procedure are described below.

Risks and dangers of the procedure

Surgery to thicken a member balls is considered harmless. But in some cases, rather unpleasant consequences are observed. Typically, problems develop after performing the procedure at home. In order to avoid trouble, it is necessary to carry out implantation in specialized clinics that have a good reputation. Most often, after a poorly performed operation, men have the following problems:

  • rejection of the implant;
  • penetration of the genital organs of the infection;
  • weakening of erectile functions.

It’s important to figure out in advance how to insert the ball into the penis. The possible consequences can be very serious.

It must be borne in mind that implant rejection can occur even after a correct operation. This happens if the genital tissue does not adapt to the presence of a foreign object in them. When rejection, the patient feels intense pain in the penis. All the more you have to forget about intimacy in this situation. If, after implant placement, the above problems occur, you should immediately visit a medical professional. Doctors usually advise men in this situation to remove implants from under the skin of the penis.

the balls are inserted into the members

Symptoms of infection

It is unacceptable to carry out the procedure without sterility without disinfecting the balls and genital area. With inaccurate implementation of surgical intervention, it is unlikely to avoid infection in the tissues of the male organ. When pathogens enter the penis, they become infected and the man has the following symptoms:

  • swelling of the penis;
  • severe soreness in the genital area;
  • leakage of an unpleasantly smelling yellowish liquid from a surgical incision.

If this situation occurs, then most often doctors decide to remove the balls from the penis. Next, anti-inflammatory drug therapy is prescribed.

Where can I insert the balls into the penis?

Where to do it?

You can perform the operation of introducing the balls into the penis, as already mentioned , at home, only the success of this procedure depends on the correctness of its implementation.

how to insert a ball into a member of the risks of the procedure

In addition, you can perform such an operation in a specialized private clinic, the range of services of which include other surgical procedures. Conducting in state clinics is also possible by personal agreement with the surgeon, individually, privately.

Women's reviews

The opinions of women regarding the presence of balls in the male genital organ are quite diverse. Many of them criticize such events, because they believe that a man’s penis should be natural, and the presence of foreign bodies in it is slightly scary and looks rather unaesthetic. In addition, this category of women is of the opinion that implantation of balls under the skin is very dangerous and harmful to health. As for the feelings during intercourse, women say that the balls did not give them pleasant experiences, and sometimes even vice versa - there was some soreness during sex.

Another category of women considers the balls in the penis good enough to stimulate the erogenous zones located in the vagina. As for aesthetic factors, they respond quite positively, and some of them even believe that a member with balls under the skin looks quite attractive. Women say that the balls in the penis of a man pleasantly stimulate an orgasm, with their help you can experience more vivid and sensual feelings in sex.

There is no pain, there is no discomfort during intercourse. The only thing that sometimes does not like this category of women is too many balls in the penis. They believe that one or three balls of medium size are enough. If such implants are too large or their number exceeds five pieces, then this often injures the walls of the vagina, pain is felt during sexual contact, and the penis itself is very large. Moreover, such a number of implants makes it difficult, according to women, to engage in other types of intimacy, it causes some discomfort.

We examined how to insert a ball into the penis.



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