For clarification jeans you will need the following: • actually jeans . Choose those whose color you can not tolerate - and go. If you want to get beautiful patterns- stains - choose a richer color; • any good bleach (for example, "Whiteness") - one glass; • a metal bucket or large pan; • to obtain patterns - elastic bands, you can also use clips and clothespins; • gloves rubber - not absolutely necessary, but it is advisable to find one; • 30-40 minutes of free time. Somehow If you’ve found it all, you can safely start cooking jeans.
Preparing jeans Twist the jeans to get a stain. The stronger you twist, the less you get a streak. The shape of the stains depends on how you twist. If you simply twist and fasten with elastic bands, then the stains will be vertical. If fastened with clamps - then horizontal. Compressing jeans with clothespins results in a star-shaped pattern.
Preparing the solution. Fill a metal vessel (bucket or pan) with water, a little more than half. Then put it on the stove. When the water in the vessel heats up to 80 degrees, pour in one glass with bleach. Next, bring this solution to a boil, while stirring slowly.
Cooking jeans As soon as the water begins to boil, lower the previously prepared jeans there. Be extremely careful, it is better to use gloves. It is necessary to ensure that the jeans are always in the water. If they are "naughty" - take a large stick or spoon and immerse them back in boiling water. If within a few minutes you do not notice a change in shade, then you should add more bleach. Boiling jeans takes about 15 minutes. By changing the hue, you will understand when they should be removed.
Flushing with water When the cooking result is clearly visible, remove the jeans from the water and place them under cold running water. Do this very carefully, steam and water can burn your hands or faceRemove any gum, if any, and rinse the jeans thoroughly underwater. Then you can hang them to dry.