How to live with a lack of energy and strength

08.04.2020 Medicine
How to live with a lack of energy and strength

When you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have enough energy and energy, you need to try to determine the cause of this condition. Often the elimination of the “annoying factor” leads to the fact that the amount of vital energy is gradually being replenished.

If the reason lies in some physical illness (previously undetected or chronic), you should seek medical help, undergo treatment .

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When lack of energy arises from the abundance of internal conflicts, fears, anxieties and worries, in which case a professional psychologist or a psychotherapist can help. Do not be afraid to contact such specialists for help, there is nothing shameful or dangerous in this. And far from always the state of decline and chronic fatigue is corrected with the help of medicines. Sometimes, several psychotherapeutic sessions are enough to get rid of the internal factors that “drain” the vitality and darken the mood.

If the cause of tiredness and lethargy lies in the accumulated tension, then a full, but not passive and not thoughtless rest help solve the problem. Healthy sleep, relaxation, proper nutrition, walks in the fresh air and physical activity, hobbies, new emotions and impressions will give a surge of vitality and strength, as well as inspire and positively affect the emotional background.

In a situation when it’s difficult or impossible to establish or eliminate the cause of a lack of vital energy, you need to carefully consider your well-being and adjust your usual mode of life.

During periods of energy recession, you should abandon much achnosti. Constant tension, forced rapid switching of attention, the need to keep a dozen thoughts and tasks in mind lead to the fact that after a couple of hours of diligent work of energy there is nothing left. Therefore, with a lack of strength, it is important to break big tasks into small tasks, not switch between fulfilling duties and be sure to take breaks for 15-20 minutes.

Without feeling cheerful and energetic, it is difficult to be productive and quickly get into work. At such moments, it is recommended to draw up a clear plan of action not only for a day, but also for a week or even a couple of weeks. Write down in detail what cares and tasks you need to do in the morning, including brushing your teeth and reading news feeds, and detail the plan for the day and evening. It is necessary to learn how to set priorities, cross out not very important matters from the schedule, and so on. And in advance to roughly estimate how much energy it will take to complete a particular task.

When scheduling, you need to consider not only work or household chores. Hobbies, talking with friends, walking with a dog or playing with your pet, surfing the Internet or reading a book - all these points, like work and household issues, take energy. It is recommended to listen to your body and, feeling full burnout, to give up even any pleasant exercises, giving yourself more time to relax and sleep.

Exercises aimed at relaxation, meditation are good at times when it is acute there is a lack of energy and vitality. Such techniques will not only relieve tension and relieve anxiety, worry, but also help to cheer up a little and recharge your batteries from the outside world.


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