How to maintain a good mood and well-being during quarantine

07.04.2020 Medicine
How to maintain a good mood and well-being during quarantine

For a long time being at home, you need to try to do wet cleaning more often. Firstly, this will help to humidify the air in the room, will eliminate dust. Secondly, cleaning involves additional physical activity. In addition, enthusiastically washing my floor or wiping the interior, you can temporarily switch the brain, get distracted from the anxiety state and at least get rid of the stress accumulated inside.

If the weather outside allows the window, it is recommended to regularly ventilate the rooms well. Just do not sit for a long time under the window, in a draft, otherwise there is a great risk of catching a cold, even at home. An influx of fresh air from the street will positively affect mood and well-being. Both indoor plants and pets will also be grateful for it.

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Not start your morning by reading the news. Better to postpone viewing tapes until lunch. After awakening, the brain needs to "swing" and "get involved" in the work, and the flow of disturbing negative information can negatively affect one's well-being, causing, for example, a headache, and, of course, mood.

It is also not recommended to read or watch the news shortly before bedtime. The flow of information will irritate the nervous system in an irritating manner, causing additional stress, which makes it difficult to fall asleep and sleep peacefully.

In order not to panic and not raise the degree of anxiety, you do not need to completely isolate yourself from the news flow, but immersing yourself in it is also not recommended. Reading information is necessary only in trusted sources, trying to perceive everything with a “cold head."

During the day, being in quarantine, it is necessary to alternate various types of activities. You need to try to sit or lie less, to stand and move more. Light athletic exercises at home, dancing, or even just walking around the room within a few minutes will disperse the blood and help keep yourself in good shape. Moreover, even minimal physical activity will reduce the amount of adrenaline and cortisol in the body, give a surge of strength and energy and help to cope with stress.

In quarantine, you should not go headlong to work or household chores. It is important to give yourself the opportunity to relax, relax normally and be distracted. Laughing and smiling are great ways to deal with anxiety and stress. Scientists note that a smiling person’s heart rate slows down, which is especially important if the condition is approaching a panic attack. You need to add bright and positive notes to your day, try not to encounter boredom, which can plunge into apathy and longing. Reading, playing games, watching movies or funny videos, hobbies - all this will maintain the mood at the proper level.

It is important to monitor your diet. Do not lean on snacks, various sweets or junk food, eat only sandwiches and have a snack on the go. For such an organism does not say "thank you." In addition, the state of immunity depends on food. You need to try to eat varied and more or less adequately. However, to completely abandon the tasty is also not worth it. In the end, the same chocolate in moderation has a positive effect on well-being and mood.


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