Baths for the baby with the addition of a decoction of chamomile are very useful for the baby. They soften the skin of the peanut and contribute to the rapid healing of wounds, scratches and abrasions on it. To make a camomile for a child for swimming you need as follows: 1 a tablespoon of grass should be poured with a liter of boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes. The resulting broth of chamomile must be poured into a bath with water for bathing. Herbal solution in the bath should only be slightly colored and transparent.
Brew chamomile to a child suffering from digestive problems, colic and bloating, followed by to another. One teaspoon must be poured with a glass of water and wait 15-20 minutes for the herb to infuse. Give such a remedy for the baby from pain in tummy you need to 1 teaspoon before each meal. By the way, so that the baby does not resist taking chamomile broth, it can be sweetened with fructose.
In the fight against colds in a child, chamomile is an indispensable tool. Especially effective decoction of this medicinal herb acts on the throat. Brew chamomile for oral administration with a sore throat as follows: 1 teaspoon is filled with a glass of boiling water. Infuse the solution for 15 minutes. After each meal, 1 teaspoon should be given to his child. For children who can gargle on their own, such a solution of chamomile can be used as a gargle.
Chamomile can also be given to children as a prophylactic. A teaspoon of grass needs to be brewed with a glass of boiling water, and infused for only 5-10 minutes, until a light solution is obtained. Fructose can sweeten such chamomile tea.
Chamomile inhalations are very useful for babies. The vapors of this medicinal plant have a disinfecting, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Brewing a camomile for inhalation is easy. To do this, 1 tablespoon of grass must be filled with a glass of boiling water and let the resulting solution infuse for half an hour. Then in the resulting broth you need to add a liter of boiling water. The solution must be cooled to the desired temperature and inhaled alternately with the nose and mouth for 10-15 minutes.