How to make a filter for a vacuum cleaner with your own hands: types, necessary materials and equipment, photo

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How to make a filter for a vacuum cleaner with your own hands: types, necessary materials and equipment, photo

Now it’s problematic to imagine an apartment or home ownership without a vacuum cleaner. This device helps to effectively remove dust, debris. Some models perform wet cleaning, saving the owner from the need to clean the floor. In order for the vacuum cleaner to effectively cope with its task, it is equipped with special containers in which garbage is collected. These containers are also called filters. They can be ordinary standard dust bags, water or cyclone. Some of these containers can be made with your own hands. How to do it? Consider in our article.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before you make a filter for your vacuum cleaner, you need to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of a homemade container. What are the features of homemade? The main advantage of the made filters for a vacuum cleaner with your own hands is the saving of money that would have been spent on the purchase of factory cleaning elements. In some cases, manufacturing costs can be completely eliminated, since all the necessary elements can be selected in the household. The advantages of home-made filters include the fact that they can significantly expand the functionality of a home vacuum cleaner.

how to make a filter for a vacuum cleaner

Despite the mass The advantages that homemade cleaning elements have are certain disadvantages. These include the fact that not all models of vacuum cleaners can install such filters. It is not recommended to use extraneous parts in the equipment that is under warranty because in the event of a breakdown, warranty service will be refused. After weighing the pros and cons, you can get to work.

We prepare the necessary materials

Before you make a filter for your vacuum cleaner, you need to take care of the availability of the necessary components for this. Most often, for these purposes, the most easily accessible materials are used that can be found at hand. So, to create a filter, the following materials are used:

  • foam rubber or any non-woven fabric;
  • medical dressings;
  • sintepon;
  • non-woven napkins.

Types of filters

Currently they are of the following varieties:

  1. Membrane. This filter is most often used in modern models and is considered the cheapest way to eliminate dust. A membrane is a semi-permeable medium that freely passes oxygen and water through itself.
  2. Water. This filter passes air and dirt through a container of water.
  3. Cyclone. It is considered inexpensive, but in quality at the same time it is not inferior to membrane or water filters. In this case, air with dust is passed through a special housing having a cylindrical shape.
do-it-yourself filter

Water filter for your vacuum cleaner hands

Nowadays, aquafilters have become very popular. This is due to the fact that they are able not only to collect garbage, but also to humidify the air. The only drawback of equipment with such filters is the large weight of vacuum cleaners, since a special vessel with water is located inside. But as practice shows, this drawback is fully offset by the quality of cleaning.

To make a water filter for a vacuum cleaner with your own hands, it is enough to have all the necessary details and a working scheme. For work, a separator, pump, fan and water container are useful. When choosing a fan, you should take into account that the smaller its size, the less noise will be from it.

To make a filter, do the following:

  1. First you need to install baking powder, dust collector, and accumulator.
  2. Then attach the pump with a rubber ring, it is necessary to monitor the gaps between the body parts.
  3. It is recommended to stick polyethylene to the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. This will make the vacuum cleaner extremely silent.
  4. Before use, pour water according to the marks on the container.

Do-it-yourself cyclone filter for the vacuum cleaner

For many decades, cyclone cleaning elements have remained popular. Their main advantage is the lack of familiar dust bags. In addition, vacuum cleaners with such filters are lighter, more compact and quieter than everyone else.

To assemble a cyclone filter for a vacuum cleaner with your own hands, you will need to purchase the following materials:

  • plumbing pipe;
  • plywood;
  • a five liter bucket with a tight lid;
  • polypropylene elbow;
  • sealed glue;
  • corrugated pipe;
  • nylon stocking.
make a filter for the vacuum cleaner

Once all the necessaryaterialy are prepared, you can begin to perform work. First of all, you need to firmly attach the bracket to the lid of the bucket, and then attach the outlet tube from above. Around the filter, it is necessary to put a chipper and pull the kapron stocking. This is necessary in order to provide protection against small debris. The next step will be the location of the corrugated tube along the side wall, which should be inclined towards the bottom. All seams should be carefully treated with hermetic adhesive.

make a filter for the vacuum cleaner

We make a filter for the Samsung vacuum cleaner with our own hands

Many people prefer Samsung vacuum cleaners ". Therefore, the question of how to make a filter for a vacuum cleaner of this brand with your own hands is very relevant. First you need to remove the installed filter from it. After that, you need to purchase a cabin filter for Lada-Kalina and a sealant gasket in any auto parts store. From the acquired cleaning element, you need to cut the accordion and trim the insides. The sealant should be applied to the accordion around the perimeter. After that, install the filter element in the shell and leave to dry for several hours. After that, the Samsung vacuum cleaner filter (do-it-yourself) is ready to use.

But there are more options. You can also make the filter for the Karcher vacuum cleaner your own hands in an identical way. Only for this you will need an air element from the Moskvich-2141 car.

do-it-yourself filter for a vacuum cleaner

Filter made of foam rubber

Before you make a filter for your vacuum cleaner with your own hands, you need to decide on the material for the job. One of the most common is foam rubber, which is ideal for installation in vacuum cleaners. This popularity is due to the fact that the material perfectly retains dust and does not interfere with the flow of air. And also does not create loads on the electric motor. Foam filters can be used at the following points of the vacuum cleaner:

  1. Act as a protective filter. Most often they are installed in washing vacuums. Serves to protect the motor from water ingress.
  2. Used as the main filter, which is installed in front of the motor, provides maximum dust retention and helps to get clean air at the outlet.
  3. Acts as an outlet filter - It is located behind the motor and protects it during operation, and also provides additional air purification from dust.


To make a filter for a vacuum cleaner with your own hands, you need to spend quite a bit forces and time. The most important thing is to take care of the availability of all the necessary materials for this. Thus, you can not only provide your vacuum cleaner with reliable devices, but also save money. In any case, even if the filter cannot be made right the first time, then in the second everything will work out perfectly.



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