You will need
  • For sweet apple cider :
  • - 1 kg of ripe sweet apples;
  • - 1 cup raspberries, wild strawberries or rose hips;
  • - 1.5 tbsp. sugar.
  • For cider from sour apples:
  • - 5-6 kg of sour apples;
  • - 5 cups of sugar;
  • - 25 g of yeast.
  • For pear cider:
  • - 5-6 kg of acidic or not very sweet pears (4-4.5 l of juice );
  • - 5 glasses of sugar;
  • - 25 g of yeast.
Sweet apple cider Make a yeast wine wiring. Take 1 glass of raspberries, strawberries or rose hips (do not wash the berries!), chop them thoroughly, boil 0.5 cups of water, cool slightly (boiling water is not needed) and pour the berries, add sugar. Close the container with wine with yeast wiring and let stand for at least 3 days in a dark place and at temperature 20 ° C. Remember to mix the wiring once a day.
Take 1 kilogram fresh ripe sweet apples , wash, remove cuttings and leaves, cut the core, chop with using a blender , or chop it very finely with a knife. Take clean and dry enameled dishes, glass bottles or a wooden barrel, pour the crushed apples there, add the wine yeast wiring and leave it in a warm room for 2-3 days so that the apples ferment.
Press the fermented pulp using a hand press or a piece folded into many times cheesecloth, pour the juice into a clean enameled dish, a steamed barrel or a sterilized glass container and refrigerate, in the cellar or on the diary.
Cider from sour apples Wash apples, remove cuttings and core, chop finely, put in a pan. Pour water so that to cover apples for 1-2 centimeters, insist 2 weeks, stirring once a day. Strain and heat the liquid, but do not boil. Add sugar and yeast, pour into a tightly sealed container, cork and place in a warm place for fermentation.
Pour into a wooden barrel or enamelware as soon as the liquid ferments. Seal the container as soon as fermentation stops. Leave for 6 months in a cold place, bottle.
Pear cider Sort pears, select mature ones, put in a warm place until they soften. Wash, remove the cuttings, leaves and core, mash to a puree state. Squeeze the juice with a hand press, strain through several times folded cheesecloth, pour into a clean dish, put in a warm place, let it ferment.
Track the moment when the bubbles rise to the surface and the sediment settles at the bottom. Pour the cider into a wooden barrel or enamelware, close it tightly and put it in a cool place - refrigerator, cellar, glacier - for 6-7 months. Strain and bottle.