You will need
  • - empty tank;
  • - milk, water or tea brew.
Before how to make the fish less salty, it needs to be washed to wash off excess salt from the skin. If it is small , like sprats , you can soak it in its entirety. Cut large herring into portions, so that salt leaves the fish faster and more evenly.
Put the prepared fish in a deep bowl. Take ordinary milk, if you soak the fish in it, then it will be more tender and juicy , and fill it with pulp so that the liquid completely covers all the pieces. If there is no milk, you can soak the fish brewed from black tea or plain water. Some housewives use vegetable oil to improve the taste of slightly salted fish.
Put the dishes with the fish in the refrigerator, if you leave it to soak at room temperature, then it can just go bad. Soaking time depends on the degree of salinity of the fish. If it is not too salted, then two or three hours are enough for this. In case the taste is too harsh, it is advisable to leave the soaked fish in the refrigerator for the night.
After the specified time has passed, remove the fish from the liquid in which it was soaked, rinse it thoroughly under running water. The composition in which the fish is soaked will absorb excess salt, after which it will be less salty.