How to make hand antiseptic

15.04.2020 Medicine
How to make hand antiseptic

Coronavirus for a long time retains its viability on plastic, fabric and other materials. It is transmitted by airborne droplets and contact method. According to WHO recommendations, all personal hygiene rules must be followed. The membrane lipid membrane of the virus is a weak point. It easily breaks in contact with soapy water. It is not always possible to use it, so antiseptics or sanitizers come to the rescue.

It is proved that the antiseptic from coronavirus should be created on the basis of alcohol or strong alcohol (at least 70 degrees). Like hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite, it can inactivate the virus in one minute.

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Antiseptic for hands from coronavirus

One of the most effective means contains:

  • 340 ml. medical alcohol;
  • 15 ml. 3% hydrogen peroxide;
  • 5-10 ml. glycerin or a solution of D-panthenol;
  • 60 ml. water.

To prepare the sanitizer from COVID-19 you need to take a bottle with a dispenser and a container for mixing the solution. It is more convenient to measure the necessary number of components with syringes. Mix all the ingredients. Concentration is sufficient to disinfect hands. Pour a small amount into a jar to always have with you.

Please note: vodka contains only 40% alcohol, so it is not used in antiseptics from coronavirus. Glycerin is an essential component that prevents dry skin.

Chlorgesidin vs. Coronavirus

Chlorgesidin is an antiseptic drug that has been known for over 70 years. It is used to treat surgical instruments, treat wounds. The substance effectively copes with many bacteria and viruses. Studies have shown that the drug does not kill the coronavirus immediately, but deprives it of the ability to reproduce. It can be used if there is no alcohol antiseptic from coronavirus at hand.

Chlorgesidin does not have a strong odor, does not cause burns of the mucous membranes and epidermis, and can be used to treat children's hands. It is not recommended for use in allergies, diagnosed dermatitis and hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. It does not combine with soap, so before use, the latter is well washed off the skin. Otherwise, the desired effect will not be.

How to use the antiseptic from coronavirus correctly

For the effect you need to apply at least 3 ml of the composition at a time. In this case, the applied antiseptic will cover the entire skin of the hands. Pathogenic bacteria and viruses will die if you wipe your hands with a composition of at least 30-40 seconds. Using sanitizers too often is not recommended, because you risk overdrying the skin. If this happens, do not forget to regularly use moisturizers.

Do not make yourself too much antiseptic. Do as much as you can spend in one week. To extend the validity period, you can additionally add vitamin E. into it


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