If acidified thick jam, you can bake pie . Low alcohol wine is made from the same or liquid, the strength of which is 10-12%. Jam is made from various berries and fruits. Already no one is surprised by the sweetness made of papaya, mango, feijoa . If the house has acidified jam from these overseas fruits, then the wine made from them will have an exotic aroma.

Wine with rice

For low alcohol homemade drink is suitable for any jam, on top of which mold has not yet formed. You must not use moldy jam for making wine . The taste of the drink will be spoiled. If the farm has yeast from raisins , then make a drink according to the following recipe. Take: - 100 g of raisin yeast or 100 g of rice; - 2 liters of water; - sugar - to taste. If jam very sweet , then the last ingredient may not add. Depending on the amount of jam, transfer it to the appropriate container - in a jar, enameled pan or bucket. Do not transfer jam to fermentation in aluminum dishes, otherwise the oxidation reaction will occur and harmful substances will get into the product. Use glass or enameled glassware. If the jam is not very sweet, dissolve a kilogram of sugar in a liter of warm water, add jam, the rest of the water and mix. Put yeast or rice, they don’t wash it. Pour the resulting syrup into the dishes, it should not reach the edges by a third, because the wine will ferment. This process in a warm place will begin in a few hours. They don’t cover the container, but throw a cloth towel on top. After the fermentation stops, the wine must be filtered through a double layer of gauze in glass jars and set to reach.

Continuation of the process

Put a thin rubber glove on the jar and pierce any finger on it. You can make a water shutter. To do this, close the jar with a plastic lid, insert the needle from the medical dropper kit into it, and lower the end of the tube to which the system connects 10 cm into a container of water. The wine should ferment for about 3 weeks. After a day, gently shake it so that mold does not form. When the wine becomes transparent, carefully transfer it through a double layer of gauze to another container, without touching the precipitate. Pour the wine into bottles, close the lids and put in the cellar or refrigerator for a month. After 30 days, it is filtered and you can start tasting the drink. The wine from the jam is ready.