Mustard. Spread meat mustard and leave from 30 minutes to several hours to marinate. The longer the meat marinates, the softer it will be.
Mineral water. Using pickling mineral water ensures the meat is soft .
Lemons. Lemons or lemon juice used in pickling significantly increase the softness of meat in the process preparations . For a kilogram of pork , 2 lemons are enough.
Kiwi . The mechanism of influence of kiwi on meat is the same as that of lemons, only for pickling this fruit is taken at a rate of 500 g per 1 kilogram of meat.
Sugar. If during the preparation of dishes from meat, you add tea spoonful of sugar, the meat will be much softer.
wine, apple, balsamic and others.
Cognac or wine. Cognac or wine, added when the dish is cooked, also contributes to the preparation of soft pork.
Pre-Roast. Pre-roasting the meat until crusty allows you to save all the juices during further cooking.
Flour or starch. Roll pieces of pork in starch or flour and deep-fry first, then you can bake or stew meat. Starch and flour form a crust, which also allows you to keep all the juices inside.