You will need
  • Ripe apples, saha, water.
Take the ten most ripe fruits, clean, without damage, rot and defects. Ferment is prepared from them for future wine. Grind in a juicer or meat grinder , having previously cleared the seeds. Mix the resulting applesauce with half a glass of sugar in a glass bowl, such as a jar or bottle with a fairly narrow neck. Pour a glass of water, mix and cover with a cotton or gauze stopper. Leave the finished mixture in a dark place at a temperature of 22-24 degrees for fermentation. After three to four days, strain the juice through cheesecloth - this is the finished wine sourdough. It can be stored in a cool place for up to 10 days.
Basis for apple wine do from mixture of juice, sugar and water. Clear the apples and from dirt, stalks and defects. Then cut, core the seeds and pass through a juicer or meat grinder. For 10 liters of wine you will need 8 liters of apple juice, 2 or 3 kilograms of sugar and 1 liter of water.
Mix juice, sugar and water in a clean enameled bowl. It is most convenient to dissolve sugar in warm water in advance. Pour the resulting syrup into juice, mix, add the yeast. The result is a wine wort.
Pour the wort into bottles where it will roam for about 10 days. A dark room with no odors is suitable for fermentation. The temperature regime is 18-22 degrees, while significant temperature fluctuations are not allowed.
After 10 days, carefully, so as not to disturb the sediment, bottle the new wine. Close the container very tightly and leave it to ripen the drink in a cool (ideally with a temperature of 10-12 degrees) dark place for several months. It will produce wine with an alcohol content of 5-10 percent by volume.
You can increase the strength of the drink with alcohol. To do this, add alcohol or vodka to the fermented wort, at the rate of 5 percent alcohol or 10 percent vodka per volume of dishes. That is, on a three-liter jar with must, add 150 grams of alcohol or 300 grams of vodka. Leave for another 5-6 days, then pour the new wine into bottles for aging.