The most famous device for measuring temperature is a mercury thermometer. Its advantage is that it gives pretty accurate readings . But measuring their temperature with babies is not very convenient, because the baby before this needs to be completely undressed. The numbers on the scale are poorly visible in the light of a night lamp. Measure the temperature babies a mercury thermometer is needed for 3-5 minutes. This is quite difficult to do if the baby is naughty and does not want to lie still.
Measuring the temperature of the baby with an electronic thermometer is much easier than mercury. The measurement lasts only a few seconds, and a special signal informs about its completion.
A very convenient device for measuring the temperature of the baby is dummy -termometer. The kid enjoys sucking on an object familiar to him, while the electronic scoreboard on the thermometer shows value of its body temperature.
Most young mothers use the traditional method of measuring the temperature of the baby in the armpit. To make the readings more accurate, the thermometer is placed in the armpit of the baby, and his hand is placed on the opposite shoulder.
Some mothers use the method of measuring temperature in the inguinal fold of the baby. In this case, the baby’s thigh should be leaned against the tummy and held firmly in this position during measurement.
Few parents decide on a rectal measurement with a fat baby cream, you need to enter the rectum 3-5 mm into the rectum. Rectal temperature is always 3-4 degrees higher than axillary.
Experienced mothers determine whether the baby has a high temperature or normal by touching her lips to her forehead, and preferably to her baby’s neck. Naturally, if the body of the child seemed to mom hotter than usual, the temperature needs to be measured with a thermometer to find out the exact indicators.