Cork in the bottle you can just push it inside with your finger, but sometimes it’s not enough strength, it do , for example, for girls. In this case, you need to pat your palm several times on the bottom of the bottle, after this cork will fit easily under finger pressure.
If all else fails, then worth rotate the bottle three times in each direction around its axis and try to press the cork again.
You can use pen knife, cut it deeper and fold at an angle of 90 degrees. Homemade corkscrew is ready. All that remains is to remove the cork from the bottle.
Well, if there are tools at hand, then a screw is screwed into the cork and pulled out with the pliers.
In order to open the wine without a corkscrew, you need to put the bottle in the shoe and bang the heel on the wall until until the cork moves, and then pull it out with your fingers. Use low-heeled shoes.
A similar way to open wine is to break the cork with a plastic bottle. A few heavy bottom kicks will surely do the trick.
It happens that the cork is very stubborn and does not lend itself to any methods, then you just need to crush it with a knife and push it inside, though the wine will be with crumbs, but its taste will definitely not get worse.