How to reduce silicone phone case: practical tips

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How to reduce silicone phone case: practical tips

Over time, the silicone case on your smartphone may stretch out. He doesn’t fit on the phone, which looks ugly. To avoid buying a new case in the near future, you need to consider simple techniques. They can be used at home. How to reduce the silicone cover for the phone will be discussed later.

Features of the procedure

Can I reduce the silicone cover for the phone at home? This question is faced by buyers of low-quality products. A good smartphone case will not stretch even after several years of active use. Buying cheap products, you should expect a change in the dimensions of the protective bumper.

Being interested in how to compress the silicone case for the phone, It is worth noting that they all react differently to heat treatment. It is not always possible to reduce the bumper at home. But, nevertheless, it’s worth a try. The result depends on what material the cover is made of. They are made of silicone with different components. Today, many variations of materials are used.

Successfully managed to reduce the cover made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). The vast majority of bumpers are made from it. During heat treatment, the material decreases. But it’s hard to predict how the cover will behave during heat treatment from another silicone-based compound.

Why is the cover snug?

How to reduce the silicone cover for the phone? To avoid such a question at all, you need to purchase high quality products. If the bumper is very cheap, it is most likely a low-quality fake. If the most inexpensive materials were used in the manufacture of the cover, it will stretch over time. It doesn’t even depend on how many times you removed the bumper from your smartphone.

is it possible to reduce the silicone case for the phone

The cover may stretch for different reasons. Poor compositions react to temperature changes. If the bumper gets very hot in the summer, it will increase in size. Moreover, it can be difficult to restore the previous dimensions.

Some phone owners initially purchase a case that is not tight to their gadget. This situation is not uncommon if a smartphone is ordered with a bumper in China. When choosing an accessory in a store, you need to try it on your phone. If there are any comments on the landing of the cover, it is better not to buy such a product. You need to remember that branded accessories are made much better.

Preparatory actions

Considering how to reduce the size of the silicone case for the phone, you can use a simple technique. She proposes to perform heat treatment of the bumper. If it’s impossible to return the accessory to the store, you should try to reduce its dimensions with ordinary boiling water.

how to compress a silicone phone case at home

Different techniques are used to narrow the cover. Some customers are advised to use alcohol or acetone, a freezer, or a hairdryer. One of the most appropriate is considered a technique in which boiling water is used.

Two pots are needed. They should be larger than the cover itself. The first container should have hot water, and the second should have cold water. It is necessary to make sure that there are no foreign impurities in the water, so that the cover does not change color. It is also worth considering that a similar procedure is best carried out in the presence of an opaque cover. Otherwise, it will become dull.

It is better to add a lot of ice to a container with cold water. It is necessary to create maximum temperature contrast during the processing of the cover.

Carrying out the procedure

If you are interested in how to reduce the silicone cover for the phone, you need to pay attention to the heat treatment of the cover. Having prepared two containers, water in one of them needs to be boiled. Put a cover in it and cook it for 5-7 minutes. You need to hold the accessory with a spoon so that it does not float to the surface. Otherwise, the processing will be uneven.

The thicker the material of which the case is made, the longer it need to cook in a pan. When the material warms up qualitatively, it must be removed from the tank. Deformations may be visible at the edges. They need to be aligned manually. You can use white paper folded in several layers to do this. When the edges are aligned, the cover is lowered into ice water. It should be in this container for several minutes.

Then you need to get the accessory, carefully wipe it with a soft cloth. You can try it on by putting it on your phone.


Having examined the procedure for reducing the silicone case for your phone, you need to take into account several nuances. To reduce the accessory in the considered way is possible by only a few millimeters. If he has a larger smartphone significantly, reducing it at home will not work. In this case, it’s easier to buy a new bumper.

You should be prepared for the fact that the material can change color, become dull. Deformations may also appear that need to be manually aligned before the cover has cooled down.



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