If the spot is from engine oil is fresher, it will be much easier to remove it than old. First clean the contaminated area from dust. After this, prepare the following remedy. Stir magnesia powder in half with ether. Carefully treat the contaminated area with this compound. Rub the pulp to the center from the edges of the stain. After all the ether has evaporated, carefully brush off the magnesia.
If a stain from engine oil was obtained a long time ago, then another way will help you. Prepare a mixture of turpentine and ammonia in equal quantities. Rub the stain with the resulting compound. Leave the item for a while. The stain should itself disappear. If this does not happen, then try the procedure again. Then, in warm, soapy water, just wash the item. Remember that such a sequence of actions is given for a reason, and you should not wash the thing first, and then try to remove the stain. Before applying this composition, try first in an inconspicuous place on a small piece of tissue to check its effect. In this way, you can find out whether the material will transfer the specified tool safely.
So that after removing the stain from the engine oil there is no noticeable trace, treat not only the place of contamination, but also the area around it. When removing stains, try using a small board. Wrap it in several layers with a clean white cloth. Put to the inside of the fabric. All procedures for removing an oil stain should only be carried out in the absence of an open flame and in a sufficiently ventilated area.