How to remove non-woven wallpaper from the wall quickly: instructions and the necessary tool

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How to remove non-woven wallpaper from the wall quickly: instructions and the necessary tool

If you want to make redecorating and refresh the atmosphere in the apartment, then you will be faced with the task of removing old wallpapers. This must be done carefully and carefully, because even the slightest bumps will be visible on the new coating, spoiling its appearance. And if everything is simple with simple ones, then how to remove non-woven wallpaper from the wall? This article is about it.

Why is it necessary to delete old wallpapers

If on the walls of the room where you plan to carry out repairs, non-woven wallpaper, then their removal will be necessary. Some believe that this is not necessary. They paste new wallpapers on top of the old ones. But this can lead to an unsatisfactory result or to the need to do the work again. There are quite good reasons why you need to remove the wallpaper.

For example, when gluing a new finish on the old wall, they will not look perfect. Under such conditions, there is no need to even try, anyway, tubercles and bumps will be visible on the wall. In addition, when gluing new wallpapers, the total weight of the coating will increase, and the glue may lose strength over time. This provokes the danger that at any moment the wallpaper may fall off with the old ones.

An additional factor

Another important factor that should be followed when preparing the walls for gluing new wallpapers is that sometimes fungus and mold appear between the old and new coatings, which make the atmosphere in an apartment hazardous to health. In order to get rid of harmful microorganisms, you should remove the exfoliated coating.

Preparation of tools

Before you remove the non-woven wallpaper from the wall, you need to prepare some tools. Among them:

  • spatulas;
  • liquid for peeling wallpaper;
  • steam generator;
  • needle roller.

You will need a plastic film and masking tape, as well as a tray and a roller. Spatulas should be sharp, they should have different widths. If the tool is not sharp enough, its working part must be sharpened with an emery cloth. At this stage, fluid for flaking wallpaper is also important. If not, you can use ordinary warm water.

If you have a steam generator, you can ease the task if you decide how to remove old non-woven wallpaper from the wall. As for the needle roller, it can be replaced with a wallpaper tiger. The roller and tray can be replaced with a bucket and sponge. Not all of these tools are worth preparing, as not all of the kit will be needed. Their choice depends on which wallpaper you have to take.

First, you should prepare, which consists of the following actions. For example, to protect the floor from water, dirt and debris, it is necessary to cover it with a film and fix it on the baseboards with a masking tape. All wiring is de-energized in advance. If this is not done, then if liquid gets on bare wires, work can turn into a tragedy. Switches and sockets must be protected from dirt and liquids. The same masking tape will help.

Removal Recommendations

how to remove non-woven wallpaper from a drywall

If you are thinking about how to remove non-woven wallpaper from the wall, then the wet method, which is the most hygienic, can help you, because it does not provoke the formation of a large amount of dust, as well as shedding of plaster. Adhesive swollen from exposure to water will be easier to remove from the surface.

It is better to use a special liquid to moisten the walls. It penetrates through the layers of wallpaper and corrodes glue. Removing the old coating during use will not be difficult.

Before you remove the non-woven wallpaper from the wall, you might not have purchased this special liquid. In this case, you can use plain water. Its application is carried out by spray or sponge. After this, you must wait until the water is absorbed. If necessary, the surface can be wetted again. If individual sections are not far behind the surface, they are additionally moistened.

If you were faced with the task of removing non-woven wallpaper from the wall quickly without any remaining paper, then you should remember the amount of applied liquid that you need not to overdo. If it is not taken enough, the water will evaporate and will not soften the glue under the canvases. But if there is too much water, it will flow along the walls and also will not wet the wallpaper in the depths. Soak is necessary in stages. In this case, you will move from one section to another, watching how the canvas leaves the surface.

Before you remove the non-woven wallpaper from the wall, you need to find a seam. It is from him that it is better to start removing the coating from the surface. If moisture has already evaporated, the material is treated with liquid again. In this case, you must follow the safety rules when processing areas near sockets and electric meters. You can use hot water to speed up the soaking process. If you cannot get rid of some pieces, you can remove them separately using a scraper. Care must be taken to ensure that the plaster is not removed.

Workshop Tips

If you are faced with the question of how to remove non-woven wallpaper from the walls quickly, then you can take advantage of additional tips. For example, it is important to remember that the described coating contains fibers based on synthetics. The top layer does not allow moisture to pass through, so before removing the wallpaper, you should notch the surface by making holes in it. To do this, you can use a roller with spikes or the same wallpaper tiger. These tools allow you to quickly damage large areas of the wallpaper.

Wallpaper tiger fits perfectly, its use reduces the likelihood of damage to the wall. Soft wheels only cut the canvas without affecting the plaster or putty. After the damage has been done, moisture will penetrate into the glue. Wallpaper must be softened with water, wait a while until the glue swells, which will happen in about a quarter of an hour. After that, you can start tearing the finish from the wall.

If you still do not remove the old coating

If, taking into account the risks, you nevertheless decided that you do not want to remove the old wallpaper, just updating its top layer, you can resort to the dry method. Before removing non-woven wallpaper, you need to pick up their top layer in the area of ​​the baseboard and pull on the canvas. The material should easily move away from the wall, while the bottom layer will remain on the wall. If it is not damaged and holds well, it can be a good basis for new wallpapers.

If damage and irregularities are visible on the base, you will have to remove the material by wetting it. If you are faced with the task of correctly removing non-woven wallpaper from the walls, then you should know that the above methods are suitable not only for them, but also for painted canvases. This may come in handy for the future.

Removing wallpaper from drywall

For such work all the same special washes are suitable. The second way is to peel the canvas from the base. The top layer will be removed and a thin film will remain on the wall. It can be used to stick a new layer. If you, like many home masters, are concerned about the question of how to remove non-woven wallpaper from a drywall from the wall, then you can use another method consisting in applying a primer.

This technology is suitable for the case when I don’t want to remove the finish, but you can’t use the wash in any way. However, water can also be used in the case of drywall. Although this material does not tolerate moisture well, short-term contact is acceptable.

Using steam

The method consists in using a steam generator or iron with a steaming function. The method involves the use of perforation of the upper layer, only after that you can proceed to steam treatment. Under its influence, the glue begins to swell, which allows you to quickly remove the old coating from the wall. The approach allows you to quickly remove material without diluting dirt.

If you are interested in how to remove non-woven wallpaper from the wall without damaging the surface, you can use a wet rag and iron. The walls are ironed through a wet piece of cloth. The effect will be the same as that of the steam.



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