You will need
  • gasoline, kerosene or acetone
  • stain remover
  • soap bar
  • washing powder
  • unnecessary rag
Place a thick cloth under the stain on the back of the fabric and soak the paint with gasoline or kerosene. To paint with light things you can use acetone, but on bright tissues it’s better not to experiment with this substance. The composition of acetone differs from kerosene and white spirit and can eat pigment from clothes . After the paint has dissolved (if the stain was old), rub it with a clean cloth dampened in the product used. Try to wipe as best as possible, you must completely remove the base of the paint, but the color is not always removed with caustic substances.
Lather the treated area with regular soap and rub thoroughly. Rinse and see if all the pigment from the paint has come down completely. If not, take a stain remover and treat the stain. Chlorine bleaches are suitable for white things, but modern oxygen without optical brighteners can be used for colored fabrics.
Wash jeans in your usual way. If you machine wash, pre-wash the stain again on your hands. The washing machine removes dirt, but cannot cope with stubborn stains. Add a little more than the norm of washing powder. After washing, evaluate the result and, if it does not suit you, repeat the previously done procedures again. Usually even the most resistant to paints does not withstand the onslaught and is removed.