There are several ways to remove the tar spot from clothes . The simplest of them is cryo-mechanical. Put the things soiled in tar in the freezer for an hour and a half. The resin will freeze. Crumple the fabric and rub it vigorously with your hands - resinous flakes fly off. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not worth using to thin tissues, because after cold creases thin fabric may be damaged.
The second way is the exact opposite - high temperature. Cover the stained area on both sides with paper towels and iron it. Change wipes and repeat the procedure. This way output resin stains are suitable only for dense natural fabrics and will work if the stain is very fresh.
The next way is to use a solvent. I must say that depending on the fabric, you can use different solvents. If the resin is of vegetable origin, turpentine, gasoline, aviation kerosene or nail polish remover is suitable. If the stain is made of synthetic resins, it is best to use toluene or a toluene-based solvent. Dampen a soft, light swab with alcohol (or another solvent) and soak the fabric around the stain. This is necessary so that the stain does not start to blur as you remove the resin. Now boldly clean your stain.
All three of these methods can be combined. First, remove the main part of the resin mechanically from the surface after freezing, then “melt” it from the depth of the fabric with an iron and clean it with solvent.
It is better to remove the resin from leather surfaces with vegetable oil. Saturate the stain with them, wait 10-15 minutes and rinse off with soapy water.