If the spot appeared on white material, resort to bleach containing chlorine. It’s advisable to take to it’s not difficult to find a gel, ask at any convenience store chemistry . Apply to stain and leave for a few minutes. Then wash the item with powder. If the stain remains, repeat the treatment. Do not use bleach on delicate fabrics. In this case, better fit any oxygen-containing stain remover.
Delete rust from clothes with citric acid if the fabric is painted in bright colors that may fade when exposed to bleach. Put a little lemon juice on the stain and wait, then wash. Instead of a citrus fruit, crystallized acid, which is sold in bags, is also suitable. Dilute it in warm water, moisten the stain and leave for 10-15 minutes.
Dilute 2 tablespoons of acetic acid in a few liters of water. Soak the product in solution overnight. Color will not fade, since acid has tone-fixing properties, unless, of course, you forget to wash and rinse your clothes on time.
You can remove rust from delicate fabrics with a dishwashing liquid that contains glycerin (in equal proportions). Apply to the stain, leave for several hours, then wash by hand with the addition of powder in the water.
Use the help of oxalic acid. Make a solution - 2-3 tablespoons of acid in a glass of cold water. Dampen the stain with the solution, and wash the item after a couple of hours.
Contact a dry cleaner if all your efforts have failed. The stain will be removed by professional means that are more effective and do not destroy the structure of the tissues. You can pick up a clean thing on the same day or the next - it depends on the number of orders in dry cleaning.