Take one lemon and squeeze the juice out of it. Spread soiled clothing on the ironing board with the soiled area up. Dampen the rusty stain with lemon juice abundantly and iron it with a hot iron. It is possible that the first time you do not get the desired result. In this case, repeat the procedure a few more times. After the stain disappears, rinse the item in cool water without using soap. After that, wash your clothes in the usual way, in warm water using soap or detergent.
Use vinegar to clean a rusty spot. Take a small container and pour a glass of water into it. Dilute in it one tablespoon of vinegar and heat the water until almost boiling. Then, in a hot solution, add a small amount of ammonia or a pinch of regular baking soda. Dip the rusty cloth in the solution and rinse. In case the stain does not disappear, repeat the procedure several times, lowering the clothes into the solution.
If you put a rust stain on white clothes, take a solution of hydrochloric acid 2% and soak a cloth soiled with rust in it. Keep it in acid until the stain disappears. Then rinse the clothes in a specially prepared solution with ammonia. To prepare it, take the water and add ammonia to it, three tablespoons per liter.
Also try to clean the stain from the white cloth with hydrosulfite. Dissolve a teaspoon of hydrosulfite in a liter of water and heat the solution to a temperature of about 70 degrees. Dip the clothes in a hot solution and leave for a few minutes. Then rinse in warm water. Do not use hydrosulfite to clean stains from colored fabrics. You can discolor the processing points.
Mix equal amounts of toothpowder or unpainted chalk, glycerin and water. After mixing well, rub your stain with the resulting mixture and leave for one day. Then just wash the thing in the usual way. Thus, it is good to clean rust from colored fabrics.