First check the material clothing for color fastness. To do this, drip a little nail polish remover (you can also use regular acetone) on the fabric in a place that is not visible to the eyes: at the seam, for by lapel or on the fold. If the color of the fabric does not change under the influence of the product, you can try to remove stains without fear of spoiling the clothes. It is not recommended to use nail polish remover to remove stains from acetate or fluorescent tissues, since the acetone contained in it can damage the material or discolor the fabric.
Take a cotton swab or disk and dampen it with plenty of nail polish remover. Gently, using a cotton swab, wipe the patch of fabric stained with varnish. At the same time, the manicure varnish will partially dissolve and wash off, remaining on a cotton swab.
If clothes in light colors, and the varnish was in bright contrast colors , most likely, after treatment with acetone, slight traces and stains will remain on the fabric. You can also get rid of them. Dampen a cotton swab or sponge with a little gasoline and wipe the area thoroughly. After that, you can sprinkle the place of processing with baby talcum powder.
Remove traces of aluminum powder from nail polishes with glycerin. To do this, apply a little glycerin to the patch of cloth soiled with varnish.
To completely get rid of the stains left on the fabric, soak the clothes for a couple of hours with a small amount of washing powder in water, the temperature allowed for this material. Then wash the clothes in the washing machine.
In order to permanently remove stains from nail polish from a white cloth, you can use bleach when washing. Before adding bleaching agents, be sure to check out the recommended for clothes with the washing parameters indicated on the label so as not to impair the composition or color of the material.