To print spots from tea without wash and boil , take a stained white cotton or linen tablecloth, then dampen a sponge in ammonia and rub those with this sponge tablecloth.
Wash off traces of tea on fabric or pre-prepared paper. After cleaning the fabric, prepare a solution of citric acid in water, at a concentration of 10%, and treat it with the cleaned place on the tablecloth. Leave the lemon solution on the tablecloth for 15 minutes, then rinse. Ammonia and citric acid help only if you need to clean white natural fabric.
If you stained a colored cloth with tea, prepare a borax solution (10%) and separately prepare a weak solution of citric acid in a concentration of 5%. Add a small amount of table salt to the lemon solution. Treat the fabric one by one with borax and citric acid, and then rinse it immediately in cold water.
Silk and wool fabrics require more care. To eliminate tea stains from such materials, moisten a cotton swab in warm glycerin and wipe the cloth. Wait 15 minutes and rinse the cloth in warm water, and then dry on a towel. Two teaspoons of glycerin can be mixed with half a teaspoon of ammonia (10%), and wipe the contaminated tissue with this mixture.
Also, oxalic acid has proven itself in the removal of tea stains. Mix a teaspoon of oxalic acid and two teaspoons of citric acid in a glass of water. Treat the fabric with the resulting solution and rinse.