How to remove the handle from the plastic door of the balcony?

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How to remove the handle from the plastic door of the balcony?

Although the door handle on the balcony is not used very often, it can still break at some point. At this time, few people want to call a master to spend a considerable amount for such a small job. Therefore, this article will be useful for those who want to replace the pen with their own hands, but do not know how to do it. First you need to figure out what types of them exist. About this and not only - later in our article today.

How to remove the door handle from a plastic door

Main types

Materials for the manufacture of door handles are different. Each room has its own. Which handle will be more practical depends on the location of the room. Here are some of them:

  • Glass.
  • Metal.
  • Glass-ceramic,
  • Fiberglass.

Also in appearance and color, they are diverse. And performs each its function. For example, handles can be:

  • One-sided.
  • Two-sided.
  • With the anti-burglary function.

How do they differ, what are their features? Let's consider each type of product in more detail.


These handles are more suitable for rooms such as a balcony. And all because they do not have a protective function. For the balcony, this is not necessary. They are so called because they have a latch on only one side. Their feature is that the products have a ventilation function. It is very convenient in the winter, when you do not want to open the balcony door completely due to the low temperatures outside. But there is the opportunity to check the room in this way. One-sided handles have the simplest device and the lowest cost.


This type is almost not much different from the previous one. Often it is installed in offices or inside the house. It is suitable for those who have children at home. This will provide good protection against open balconies (especially if the apartment is located on high floors). Bilateral handles come with or without a lock. The second option is usually installed in an apartment. It is not always necessary to close the balcony from the side of the room.

How to remove the handle from the door to the balcony

Anti-breaking handles

These handles are most suitable for a plastic front door. They provide some security. If the apartment is located on the lower floors, then this handle is just necessary for the door.

Other types

There is also a mechanism called the "petal". It is convenient for both the balcony and the front door. This handle allows you to store heat indoors and keep cold air out of the room. This is especially true for those who have a balcony on the rainy or snowy side due to the prevalence of winds in the corresponding direction.

Handles called "toffee" are convenient for those who prefer to keep the door to the balcony ajar. If you ventilate the room even in winter, then this model will be just right. It does not have a latch. Therefore, the door is always in an ajar state.

What do you need to know before replacing?

Some nuances should be taken into account before starting the operation. This is done in order to determine the sequence of work for yourself. This list of steps is very useful for beginners in this matter:

  • Decide what kind and functionality of the handle you need.
  • Mark on the door the place where the mechanism will be installed. This can be done with a pencil.
  • The mechanical plate must be removed in advance if it is planned to replace the tin plate with a lever. She is responsible for locking the lock.
  • Have a drill on hand. We need holes to connect the elements.
  • The entire locking mechanism should be put together.
  • You may have to cut the rod, so you need to measure its length. Then you can assemble the pen.
  • If there are unnecessary holes in the end, they can be covered with decorative overlays.


In order to replace a part, you must first dismantle the old one. How to remove the handle from a plastic door with a lock? To do this, bring it into an open state. After that, you need to pay attention to the decorative rectangular part that is on the door (rotate it 90 degrees). This will allow access to the fixing screws. It is necessary to completely unscrew them. Now you can pull the handle out of the door. The core is removed along with it.

How to remove the handle from the plastic entrance door? If the design of the new part is the same as the old, then it should be installed in exactly the same way. To do this, just place the product in the same place and fix it with screws.

How to remove the handle from the plastic door of the balcony

If suddenly dimensions do not match, then no need to panic. Everything is fixable. You just need a drill to slightly expand the diameter of the inlet to the required size.

If the product has a lock

Some plastic entrance doors have an additional lock. Typically, such designs last about ten years. If they are worn out prematurely, then repair is still possible. How to remove the handle from a plastic door? This is easy to do. Just follow the instructions and have the right tools at hand.

Repair process

Consider how to change the plastic handle with a lock:

  1. As on doors without a lock, here, too, first of all, you need to unscrew the mechanism. To do this, cover the sash, remove the screws. After that, turn the handle 90 degrees to one side. This is necessary so that the opportunity appears to unscrew the bolts. Now, with the handle, you can remove the lock.
  2. With a pencil, note the length of the old and the new drive. Then compare them and calculate the difference.
  3. To cut the lock, you need to file it and break it off with pliers. Then grind it with a grinder.
  4. To install the finished lock, you need to put it in place and lightly knock it with a hammer.
  5. Then you can go to the new door handle. It should also be installed in its place. And cover the excess holes with decorative overlays so that there is a neat appearance.
  6. After that, the lock is inserted into the groove. It is fixed with self-tapping screws.
  7. If the old strips do not fit, then you need to install new ones.
How to remove the handle from the plastic door

After installing a new handle with a lock, a distinctive click is made when pressed. No need to be afraid of this. This is a natural process. It is also worth noting that the lock needs to be lubricated with machine oil.

Replacing the handle from the street

Some people have a question, how to remove the door handle from the plastic door on the balcony from the outside. The answer to this question is simple. It is only necessary to have the necessary tools and take some steps. How to remove the handle from a plastic door? First, prepare the tools:

  • Handle for the door.
  • Drill.
  • Marker.
  • Self-tapping screw.

How to remove the handle from the plastic door to the balcony:

  1. First you need to remove the mechanism from the door, as described above (that is, unscrew and dismantle the old part).
  2. You need to turn the knob to the right or left.
  3. Unscrew the fixing screws. Remove the handle with the core.
  4. Drill a through hole from the side of the room. It should be no more than two millimeters.
  5. Put the handle on the core and fix it with self-tapping screws.
  6. After that, go outside. From there, drill about eight millimeters. This is done so that the core moves freely inside it.
  7. Then take a marker and mark the places where the handles are fastened.
  8. Drill three millimeters in the marked holes.
  9. After installing the handle on the core and fasten it with screws.
  10. All that remains is to fix the handle on the side of the room and you're done.

Now you can use the new door handle. Do not forget about the lubrication of the mechanism. This simple operation will extend the life of the product.


So, we figured out how you can replace the handle yourself. Having all the necessary tools, you can replace this part, both on the balcony and on the front door. If you use step-by-step instructions, then you can perform everything quickly and efficiently. But it is also important to consider that if you are not able to use some tools, it is best to turn to specialists for help.



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