You will need
  • Eggs
  • Three bowls
  • Knife
  • Egg Separator
  • Disposable thin gloves
Using egg shells t with a knife or flat handle another flatware in the upper part of the egg Your task is for the egg to crack so that its upper half is less than the bottom. Carefully remove the top half. Hold the top half near the bottom and strain through the gap between them squirrel in a bowl. Pick up the egg yolk on the upper half of the shell. Some strands of egg white can be especially stubborn, help them with a fork. Dip the yolk into the prepared dishes.
Using the holes Using a special tool or an ordinary push pin, make two holes in the egg - top and bottom. Extend the bottom slightly with the tip of the knife. Hold the egg over the bowl until the protein slowly emerges from the lower wider hole. Beat the top half of the shell and pour the yolk into another bowl.
Using your fingers Wear thin, disposable, sterile gloves. Place your egg hand over the protein bowl and break the shell. Remove the shell with your free hand. Let the squirrel drain slowly between your fingers. Roll the yolk in the palm of your hand to drain all the protein without residue. Release the yolk into a separate bowl.
Using a separator Place the separator in a suitable bowl. Break and release the egg into it, so that the yolk is in the middle, and the protein flows freely along the edges. Wait for all the protein to flow out through the slots in the separator. Put the yolk in another bowl.