How to sharpen a dangerous razor at home?

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How to sharpen a dangerous razor at home?

Dangerous razors have been used for centuries. Previously, these cutting products looked quite primitive. Since the 18th century, their design has improved, which is familiar to the modern consumer. At that time, according to experts, “apprehension,” as it is also called, is the only and extremely effective tool for shaving. In the 20th century, safe machine tools and electric shavers appeared, and therefore the “apprehensions” faded into the background. Nevertheless, they did not disappear at all and today are used by many connoisseurs of the classics. Judging by the numerous reviews, recently the “fears” are returning from the hairdressing practice, where they especially took root, in the sphere of everyday use. Shaving with them has become fashionable. Many brutal men choose this option. This explains why many are interested in how to sharpen a dangerous razor at home? You will learn how to do this from this article.

What is the essence of the procedure?

During frequent use, the “apprehension” may become dull. There are times when it, having fallen on a hard surface, is curved. As a result, you will have to edit its cutting edge. This process does not consist in its sharpening, but only in the alignment of metal edges and the elimination of minor defects. If they are significant, then you will have to use whetstones. For those who don’t know how often to sharpen a dangerous razor, experts recommend doing this every time before use.

About aiming belts

Before sharpening a dangerous razor on a belt, you should get the corresponding tool. Specialized stores sell hanging straps and wooden handles. In addition, these products may have different widths. It is chosen taking into account the length of the blade. This is necessary for uniform processing of the entire surface of the "apprehension".

how to sharpen a dangerous razor on a belt

Also, belts are leather and fabric. The abrasive composition for these products is not provided. Special samples are applied to some samples at the factory. Such belts are no longer intended for aiming, but for sharpening. Such products are used in cases where normal editing did not bring results.

Preparation of the belt

You need to work on clean and smooth leather (without paste) or a fabric belt that has minimal grain. If spots are found on the surface, then they should be cleaned. All other defects are polished. Before you start, carefully rub the surface with your palm to make it perfectly smooth.

About storage rules

Straps with pasted coat should be stored separately from clean ones. It is not advisable that an abrasive get on a clean canvas or pastes with different grain sizes are mixed. In addition, these products can be deformed, and therefore they cannot be twisted and folded. Otherwise, wrinkles and folds are formed on their surface, which can no longer be removed. Protect belts and dust. It is for this purpose that special covers are provided. Judging by the numerous consumer reviews, dressing belts cannot be kept indoors with a high level of humidity.

How to edit the cutting edge?

The procedure for editing a dangerous razor with a belt is as follows:

  • “Fear” is taken by the “shin” and held fingers from the back.
  • The belt is securely fastened and held tight. It should be located parallel to the floor.
  • The cutting part is laid flat and “crested” is pulled along the belt. Do not press heavily, otherwise the blade will bend and the end of the razor edge will not come into contact with the belt.
  • When you get to the very edge, carefully turn over the “apprehension”. This should be done from the side of the pickaxe. If you flip over the tip, then simply cut the belt or bend the edge. As a result, your razor will be damaged. It is not necessary to stop the tool at the edges. If you need to turn the blade, tear it off the surface, and then start touching the belt again during posting.
  • To aim the razor, you will have to complete an average of 30 passes. Subsequent editing is impractical, since the quality of the cut will remain the same.
how to grind a razor at home

If you not satisfied with the achieved sharpness, use a special paste. With it, dressing on the belt is limited to ten passes. It also happens that the quality of the cutting edge after processing on a pasty coating leaves much to be desired. In this case, you will have to use stones. How to sharpen a dangerous razor on a stone? More on this later.

Stone Selection

Before sharpening a razor at home, you need to purchase a stone with a uniform fine-grained surface 4000/8000. The product should be free of tight lumps. Preference should be given to those stones that retain their shape and do not emit a suspension. According to experts, blade razors are delivered to the shelves with finished factory sharpening. The owner only needs to regularly correct it, namely, grind it from burrs and correct minor irregularities. For this procedure belts are quite suitable. If it is required to remove part of the metal from the canvas, then grinding stones are needed for this purpose.

how to sharpen a dangerous razor

How are stones checked?

In addition to the question of how to sharpen a dangerous razor, many beginners are interested in what tool will be needed in a particular case. Experts recommend doing this with a stone. To have an idea of ​​how to sharpen a dangerous razor, you should familiarize yourself with its geometric parameters. To do this, "apprehension" is placed on a flat surface along with a lug and a supply. Next, these places are checked for gaps. If the razor does not fit tightly to the surface, then you will have to use a large abrasive.


If you don’t know how to sharpen a dangerous razor, you need to do the following. First moisten the stone with water. Next, the edge of the blade and the crest of "apprehension" with the help of the index and thumb are pressed to the bar. In order not to scratch the comb, experts recommend sealing it with insulating tape. It should not be pressed hard. The main thing is that the plane of the cutting product is in constant contact with the surface of the grindstone and at a constant angle. Only in this way will uniform sharpening of the razor be possible.

Approaching the edge, the product is turned to the second side through the comb. Then, on the other side, the passage in the opposite direction is performed. The procedure is repeated until the desired effect is achieved.

What will experts advise?

Judging by the reviews, the question of how to sharpen a dangerous razor is not the only one that interests many modern consumers. Often, beginners do not know how to properly use and store the "apprehension". According to experts, razor metal is subject to oxidation and corrosion.

Shaving tools

Therefore, after use, the product must be washed in soapy water and wiped dry with a cloth. If you became the owner of a used razor, then wipe it with a soft cloth that is pre-moistened with alcohol. Sudden temperature changes for the "dangers" are not desirable. It is impossible to disinfect products using boiling water and acids. Store your shaver in a dry, well-ventilated area. If you are not going to use the "apprehension" in the near future, then treat it with paraffin or oil. The operational life of a razor directly depends on the storage conditions and respect for the product. It is important to prevent the shaver from falling onto hard surfaces, as well as the contact of the cutting edge with other objects. Otherwise, defects will appear on the blade, which will adversely affect the quality of shaving. Use a dangerous razor only for its intended purpose.

In conclusion

to those who He is interested in how to sharpen a dangerous razor, but does not feel confident in his abilities, it is better to take the cutting product to a specialized workshop. The fact is that grinding with stones is quite effective, but at the same time complicated. If you, despite the lack of experience, intend to manage your own resources, then you are better off just in case to get not one bar, but several at once.



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