Raw foods must be included in the proper diet. And the more, the better. The phrase "raw foods" refers to fresh vegetables, fruits, sprouted cereals and nuts. Remember, this is one of the basics.
No matter how sad it sounds, but try not to eat a lot of animal products. They should not be completely ruled out. You just need to eat as much easily digestible food as possible.
Some products will have to be completely removed from your table, namely: premium flour, refined sugar and oils, canned food and much, much more. If you can’t part with these products in an instant, then you can do it gradually, replacing them with proper and healthy food.
Sweet and fatty also expose the body to all kinds of failures. Therefore, it is worth giving up these products, they will not bring benefits. If you can refuse fat, then everything is a little more complicated with sweets. Try to eat “artificial” sweets as little as possible. Replace them with natural ones, such as dried fruits.
Always remember that every day should begin and end with vegetables or fruits. They can be combined with both proteins and carbohydrates.
Well, the last rule from a healthy diet is to never eat fruit for dessert. This is not good, because after a heavy meal they do not enter the intestines, which leads to fermentation. Eating properly is easy.