You will need
  • - alkaline drink;
  • honey;
  • cream butter;
  • inhalations;
  • baby cough syrup.
If the attack is cough happened when the baby was sleeping, put him in and give a drink. If cough and continues to torment, let the child resemble. fits : alkaline mineral water, a glass of water with a quarter teaspoon of soda, warm milk or chamomile broth. These funds soften the mucous membrane of the pharynx, the perspiration disappears, the cough decreases.
A little cough can be alleviated with honey or butter. Let the child slowly dissolve a teaspoon of honey or oil. But be careful, if the baby is allergic to bee products, then the condition can only worsen.
When there is no improvement, and the cough only intensifies, give the baby an inhalation. In an emergency, during a period of severe choking with laryngitis, quickly open the hot water in bathroom room, and let the baby breathe over the steam. Humidity also rises in the room, the airways are moistened, and the cough slowly stops. You can do inhalation using cedar essential oil. Pour hot water into a bowl and add a little oil, let the baby breathe.
Baby syrups, which contain a large amount of essential oils, will help relieve cough. Give your baby the right dose of syrup. In some cases, this method helps a lot. But if this is not just a tickle in the throat and a dry cough, then it is better to call a specialist. It’s not always possible to take off an attack at home, and it’s dangerous to self-medicate.
If the baby was advised to hospitalize, do not hesitate. Often, a banal dry cough is laryngitis, which can turn into false croup. In the acute stage, the baby may simply die due to a narrowing of the lumen in the larynx. To alleviate the condition and relieve edema, the child will be given prednisone before arriving at the hospital. In the hospital they will conduct a course of treatment of the disease. And the baby will be prescribed inhalation on special equipment.