You will need
  • - a bottle of dark thick glass;
  • - cold room.
Learn expiration date oil and its composition . If the package says that the term is shelf life of the product is 1 year, and the composition contains preservatives, then changing the storage container is not worth it. That is, other packaging or storage in the refrigerator will not allow to extend the shelf life of the product. If you use coconut oil in plastic ampoules or portioned capsules made of light glass, it is best to store such products in a dark, cool place. If the capsules are in a cardboard box, then do not rush to get rid of it. If it closes tightly, then the packaging is necessary for storage.
Pour coconut oil into a dark container if you plan to store it for a long time. It is best to use glass vessels with tight lids. It should be remembered that the corks on the thread do not close the neck of the bottle firmly, so it is better to refuse them. Much more reliable and environmentally friendly will be a cork made of firmly crumpled newspaper sheets. If there is no suitable vessel, then in its quality you can use an empty dark bottle of wine with a cork. Before pouring oil into it, the wine bottle must be thoroughly washed and the cork dried.
Store capsules or ampoules with coconut oil in the refrigerator if the product expires. Coconut oil is considered unsuitable if its shade in the light becomes poisonous yellow, although a light golden hue is acceptable for the product. To make sure that the batch of coconut oil in the ampoules is suitable for consumption, open any capsule and squeeze out one drop of oil. If it has not yet acquired a bright yellow hue, then place the capsules on the top shelf of the refrigerator. The lowest temperature is created in this part of the refrigerator. Keep in mind that coconut oil is not recommended in the freezer.