You will need
  • special packaging.
Dried fish require equilibrium moisture during storage. Recognizing it, you can set the relative humidity. For short-term storage of dried fish, set the relative humidity to 65-80% and the temperature to not higher than 8 degrees.
Store the fish in darkened rooms.
Dried fish is necessary store in a special packaging , otherwise it may sweat to melt (dry) or to cover mold . Also, when air enters the fish oil, oxidative processes can begin, which will lead to a deterioration quality and the taste of the product.
Long-term storage is required at temperatures close to freezing, but not higher than -5-8 degrees. Under these conditions , the fish can be stored for years.
Store the fish in special packaging to prevent negative changes that may occur during storage, such as mold, shrinkage, salt crystallization, moisture, fat oxidation, putrid spoilage, damage by pests, change in consistency. For packaging, you can use corrugated cardboard boxes, wooden, baskets, wicker from vines, linen grocery bags, gunny coolies, multilayer paper bags, film bags, kraft bags and other types of packaging that meet sanitary requirements. When choosing containers, keep in mind that plastic packaging can easily be damaged by sharp parts of the fish. Therefore, it is best to use kraft paper with a single-sided polyethylene coating. In this package, the fish will retain a good appearance, a pleasant smell and taste, as well as a normal consistency for 5-6 months. When used as packaging for matting cakes, fish will retain its original properties only for 2.5-3 months.