The most a simple way to preserve garlic is to harvest along with the grassy part and then bind the garlic into braids. The best conditions for storing garlic in braids is dark cool cellar. Be sure to store such garlic in limbo.
With the least effort, you can save garlic in a net or unnecessary nylon tights. Put the garlic in the net you need dry or previously dried (if the garlic is fresh). Keep the net with garlic in a dry and cool room.
Whole heads of garlic can be stored for a long time in glass banks. To do this, dry the garlic well, sterilize and dry the glass jars. Then put the garlic in jars and close them tightly with plastic lids.
Unpeeled garlic heads sprinkled with flour can also be stored in glass jars. The top layer of flour should be at least 2 cm.
At room temperature, garlic can be stored in plywood boxes. Add coarse-grained salt to the bottom of the box, lay a layer of dried garlic on top, then again a layer of salt and a layer of garlic. Thus, alternating salt and garlic, fill the box to the top.
A very effective way to store garlic is to create an oil film on its surface. Boil the sunflower oil for 2 hours, add iodine to it (20 drops per liter of oil). Using a clean cotton swab, apply the oil to the unpeeled garlic heads and let them lie in the sun while the oil is absorbed.
In addition to the heads, you can store peeled garlic cloves. Peel the garlic, place the cloves tightly in a clean jar and cover them with vegetable oil. Garlic stored in this way is very convenient to use when there is no time to peel it. In addition, vegetable oil remaining after storing garlic is also suitable for food (for example, for salads). It acquires a pleasant garlic aroma.