Pour the finished homemade wine for storage only in clean, preferably darkened glass bottles. The main enemy of wine is oxygen, it turns alcohol in vinegar. Therefore, always cork the wine tightly with natural cork.
Place wine bottles in a cellar or special cabinet where the same temperature is always maintained at 10-12 C, and for strong sweet drinks 14-16 C. White and pink wine at a lower temperature. After the homemade wine has finished fermenting, keep it in bottles for at least a few weeks to make it fully ripened.
Keep homemade wine in a cool, well-ventilated, dark place. Humidity should be at least 60–80%. Lay the wine bottles horizontally so that the drink bathes the cork, then it will remain airtight and will not dry out. Protect wine bottles from shaking, low temperature and vibration in order to preserve the true wine bouquet for a long time.
Do not transfer wine from an unfinished bottle to another container if you want to keep it. Store a bottle of white wine in the refrigerator for several days. Red wine can be kept at room temperature for up to three days. Opened bottles with fortified or sweet wine last longer - about two weeks.
Do not store wine with fresh or pickled vegetables, as a natural homemade product quickly absorbs odors.
Place the wine bottles vertically for several hours before serving. If a precipitate has formed on the inside of the bottle, tartar, colorants — the so-called “shirt” of the drink, do not shake the wine, carefully turn the bottle upright and wait until the sediment sinks to the bottom. Then gently pour the homemade wine into the glasses.